Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HMD #39 - Dusting off the Rotors

Yes! HeloMom lives...

Well, even as the continuing scarcity of time to post persists, the amount of activity here at the hangar has picked up again.


  1. Athlete continues to carry a torch from afar, but has bungled matters beyond repair. More on that in a minute.

  2. Westley, the Beautiful Stranger, has made his long-term intentions known. He leaves December 1st for boot camp. He acknowledges that he is 18, and the Princess is not yet 16, which makes matters difficult. She is otherwise engaged at the moment (I toldja, more on that in a minute!) But he vows that he will foray into his new career, excel, and return for her when she's ready. (Talk about Semper Fi!) She is "beautiful, smart, driven, and will make some very lucky man a fine wife." Hopefully his, apparently. This may sound far out there, but there's a look in the boy's eye....a stoic, solid and determined one....he's a neighbor of the Royal Grandparents....so there's no doubt that he's coming back. He's a lifer.

  3. The Beautiful Bad Boy is, indeed, bad. He took a lot of heat from the "cool" kids for having a crush on the Princess, who is too much of a good girl for his taste. He still stares at her all the time, but won't speak to her lest his friends tease him, and so as stupid teenage boys do to throw others off the scent, he has behaved boorishly to her at a few school dances (she does not do the sex-with-clothes-on "grinding" that is prevalent nowadays) by sandwiching her with his football friends and "grinding" her between their respective pelvises. (In the real world, it would be a misdemeanor form of sexual battery, quite frankly, and the school has heard my thoughts on this specific incident as well as the general permissiveness regarding this form of "dance" that is unattractive anywhere...but unpardonable in a quasi-Catholic high school setting...) She is disgusted and says no matter how gorgeous, smart, athletic, and popular he is..."he's a pig, and I don't want him to ever [expletive] touch me again." The expletive part is pretty serious business coming from her.

And now.....

Enter The Beautiful Music[ian].

As some of you may have seen on my accursed Facebook page, there's a new boy in town. A boy whose family transfered to Boston last year, so he and the Princess did not meet until he persuaded his parents to allow him to come back here to the middle of nowhere so he might finish off high school with the friends he's known since preschool. His very nice mom agreed to leave the family manse in Boston, rented a small place here, and they commute back to see dad (an ER doc, so he doesn't get to travel here as much) at least once a month.

From about mid-September on, I kept hearing about this cute and nice boy who came back for his senior year. He was touted as smart, cute (again with the cute...), Catholic (whew! finally...), quite popular among his fellow seniors, and very musically talented - in addition to performing in various state competitions, he composed several percussion ensembles and won awards and one earned a professional performance in NYC when he was in 10th grade here, and another was performed in Boston last year. She mentioned her admiration to a mutual friend (under pain of death, not-to-be-repeated...) so of course by the next day (a Friday), he contacted her out of the blue and asked her if she was going to the big soccer game that evening.

"Of course!"

The kid has never been to a high school soccer game in her life.

Especially when said soccer game was on a Friday/away-football-game night.

But she managed to wheedle her way (via me and my trusty Volvo wagon) into going to the soccer game, where she sat with him for exactly 38 minutes before we had to speed off to a miserable rainy football game over an hour away. (We made it in 50 minutes. Just sayin'). He left for Boston the next day, so a marathon textathon ensued for the entire Columbus Day weekend.

By Tuesday morning, he was (figuratively) on bended knee, asking her to be his main squeeze AND to go with him to the winter formal...which isn't until sometime after Christmas. He's asked us all to come to Boston and stay in the family compound at some point during Christmas vacation. Youthful exuberance and pupy love? Not this kid. He's smart, grounded, and very serious...but with just the right amount of humility to be endearing. Seems he spotted our Princess within the first week of school and was weak-kneed, but never thought she'd be interested in the drummer kid who just showed back up from Boston. He confided about his enchantment immediately after first seeing her to exactly one person - the mutual friend - also under threat of bodily harm. When the friend blabbed to him that she was equally intrigued, he was thunderstruck. Then they talked for hours and hours, and he now says he was tempted to hop on a bus if he had to in order to get back here to see her in person and ask her out lest someone else suddenly swoop in and steal her (now he knows better - she's selective and not easily swayed).

They've been virtually inseperable ever since. He comes over and helps her with her trig homework. They take the baby for long walks along the river. When faced with a choice of a kegger-bonfire with his pals or trick-or-treating with his girlfriend's younger siblings, he came here - and stayed to watch the World Series. He turned off his cell phone when all the "where are you - why aren't you here - we're all gettin' wasted" texts got to be too annoying. He likes to bring mom (a real estate broker turned stay-at-home commuter mom) when he comes over, so the work-widow moms can have tea and grown up chat while the kids do homework together at the dining room table. What more could a HeloMom want in a new boyfriend for her Princess?

How about less than a two-year gap.

Now for the painful part....he's just submitted all of his paperwork for an early decision at NYU's music school, and his prospects are excellent. So whatever may develop over the next several months, there is a finite aspect to this story - he will leave after graduation, and he will very likely not return. HeloMom has discussed this with the Princess. She does not like to think about it. Not now.

HeloMom hopes that these two nice kids have a wonderful time together for as long as may be. They've got a lot in common, they're very sweet together, there's no drama...just lots of mutual respect and admiration, and plenty of romance brewing. HeloMom just wondering how everyone will deal with the inevitable end of their story.

Until next time...

HM out.


Kit said...

See, I get sidetracked by a Little Boy and I forget the rest of the Athlete part....

When he learned of the budding romance - straight from the Princess, honoring their mutual promise that they'd let the other one know when someone else entered the picture - the heartbroken Athlete borrowed a car from a college friend, showed up at the school without any prior warning, and walked the halls until he found the two of them.

With his past history of beating disrespectful boys up, no one was quite sure why he was there or what his intentions were. So he was intercepted by nuns and didn't quite reach the brand-new couple. He claimed he was simply there to see some old friends. (No one really believed that, did they?) The Princess was mortified by both the unexpected visit and potential ugly scene, and has not spoken to the Athlete since that time. She will, eventually, when she can do so with equanimity.

So, so sad.

Packrat said...

Well, thank goodness Princess is seeing someone closer to her own age. :) Somewhere along the way, I decided I really didn't like the Athlete, so I hope he is out of picture for good. (As if it is any of my business!) Also, at this age anything can happen at any moment as far as arguments, break-ups, and becoming interested in someone else. Again, I feel for you.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Praying for the new couple :) ::hugs::, glad HeloMom is back :)

As for the Athlete...that was a major no no in my book. I have a stake :) and it's looking for some work :p (only kidding of course) but seriously that was uncalled for by the Athlete. If he wanted to see her, he should have made arrangements...If an ex did that to me, let's just say there'd be something to pay.

Kasia said...

I can't believe the school hasn't penalized the Bad Boy and his friends. Good for the nuns for having intercepted the Athlete; but shame on them for allowing what is, in fact, a sexual assault at a school dance!!! >:-O

I do like the sounds of both Westley and the Beautiful Musician. I hope Princess just relaxes and enjoys herself for a while...maybe by senior year the boys her own age will be more interested AND interesting... :-)

LarryD said...

You know, Kit, this is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) - you could churn out 50,000 words in a heartbeat with all this HMD material. Just sayin'!

Oh, and it would sell, too!