Monday, June 30, 2008

Zut alors! Oh la vache!


French Soldiers Accidentally Wound 16 in Military Shooting Demonstration

One for the TSTL ("Too Stoopid To Live") category...


Gen. Wesley Clark, you ought to be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourself.

'Nuff said. Must go check my blood pressure. Red zone moment.

The Jonas Brothers

Ahhhh yessss....if, like your humble correspondent, you have a daughter/daughters between the ages of about 7-17, these lads are quite the "thing" at present. Boy bands, Disney child star monsters, and all the crazy destructive crap that goes with it, right? Well, maybe not.

They each wear chastity rings and have vowed to remain virgins until they marry. Their father is an ordained minister of some sort, they do seem to have squeaky-clean images, their lyrics are relatively tame, so is it possible that these boys can keep up the good work and go against the Hollywood grain?

I certainly hope so.

Practically Perfect in Every Way


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior">Take the test!

h/t Sylvia

Sunday, June 29, 2008


If you haven't already...
Rent or buy this movie.
My dear friend/Boy's godmother, the Princess and I watched it last night and were a weepy and smiling trio throughout. Wonderful, wonderful life-affirming film. After you get over how shockingly handsome the lead actor, Eduardo Versategui, is...then do a little research on him, his background ("the Brad Pitt of Mexico") and his conversion.
(Interview here)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Facebook frenzy

I have noticed that many of my favorite bloggers have recently started up Facebook accounts, which is great...but you won't see me there.

Why? Easy. I won't let my kids have myspace or facebook accounts because, well, you see too many horror stories about young teen or even preteen girls hooking up with predators masquerading as fellow teens, or worse, that poor girl in Missouri who committed suicide last year after the MOTHER of one of her classmates played a prank on her, pretended to be an interested boy, and then verbally abused and tormented this poor girl (who the ADULT knew suffered from depression) until she killed herself.

Then there's the issue of cyberbullying, as our dear friend the Mother of This Lot can tell you. Teen-aged girls are vicious and awful enough as it is, and the cowardly anonymity of the internet seems to empower and bring out the worst in them.

Those of you who visit here with any regularity probably find yourselves in the same boat as me, feeling like a dinosaur because you actually teach and insist upon morality and decency in your children...and find so little of that in any of their peers out in the world. Why allow the potential and actual evils of the world into your children's lives via these seemingly "fun" internet sites? They'll see enough of it in due time, and I feel it is my responsibility as a parent to monitor and filter to the best of my ability - not to shelter or keep them in a bubble - but to let them in on the rottenness of humanity in small, controlled doses and at a rate apace with their individual capacity to recognize and - God willing - withstand it.

So - if they aren't allowed to have those accounts, I won't have one either. It's only fair, and it is one small way to lead by example.

For those of you adults reading this who have accounts, I feel fairly certain that you aren't abusers and you're using them for the fun purpose for which they're intended. Just please, PLEASE protect your kids...and if they do have these accounts, check them regularly - i.e., daily. Check out their "friends" regularly, and check out the "friends'" list of "friends" and see where it leads you.

You may be shocked at what you find.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lily Allen - Smile

(Caution...F-bomb alert!)

For my niece who's going through a rotten breakup with a cheater...this song (and video) makes ME smile. Could've used it myself back in '91 or so...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Digi...

As this is her milieu, I will refrain from comment and let her have at it:

VA Officials Weigh Charges In Gender-Uncertain Wedding

In a word...OY!

THESE are vocations to pray for!

Interesting - the priest who helped my dad get sober back in 1981 was critically wounded in France in WWII, and had a similar conversion as he lay bleeding nearly to death on the battlefield. This is a great idea.

METHUEN, Massachusetts (AP) -- The Rev. John McLaughlin never served in the military, but he's faced unexpected, violent death in the way troops do.

People who confront death "eventually start thinking about helping people in life," said John McLaughlin.

Decades ago, McLaughlin lay bleeding on a Boston street after being stabbed from behind. The prayer-filled moments that followed, when McLaughlin believed he might die, changed his life and ultimately led him to God.

Now, in a newly created job, he'll be trying to recruit military personnel to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

He believes that service members, who confront death as part of their jobs, could have a similar openness to religious service.

"You start realizing how fragile life is," McLaughlin said. "And when people start thinking in those terms, they eventually start thinking about helping people in life."

Entire story here. And RIP, dear, brave Fr. L.!

Happy Johannestag!

...and Happy Rebirth-day to the Boy!

Today is the Feast of St. John the Baptist, and the one-year anniversary of our Little Friend's baptism. Incredible how the time has flown...our Miracle Baby continues to flourish. Thanks be to God!
6-24-07 [pics removed at family request - sorry!]

Johannestag (and Johannesnacht, the eve of the Feast day) is a great traditional German Catholic celebration, with parties and bonfires (Johannesfeuer) the night before, and fabulous Bavarian music festivals to celebrate on the Feast day itself. It is, not coincidentally, a midsummer celebration, as it falls a few days after the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. The Church fathers wisely chose this symbolic time of year for St. John's feast to celebrate the victory of light over darkness - Christ's victory over sin and our spiritual rebirth in the Sacrament of Baptism. So pop some sacred Bach onto your iPod, say your prayers, and enjoy the day!

On the menu tonight: bratwurst, saurkraut, beer, and some sort of glycemically correct dessert!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diet update and South Beach blog

I have been very slowly making good on my New Year's Resolution. Cheating, of course, on all applicable holidays and birthdays, but I am getting there. I currently weigh about 14 lbs less than I did at the time I conceived the boy (I gained and pretty effortlessly lost the 25 pregnancy pounds). However, it's the way things fit that still annoys me.

Anyway, the Beloved has decided to get back to his pre-retirement USMC weight, so we bought the new South Beach Supercharged book, which focuses on not just the original diet, but also provides more information on exercise and recipes. He has lost 8 lbs in his first week (QUITE annoying!).

The tough thing for me is missing my Scott's Porage Oats in the morning (sniff!) and afternoon tea and cookies/snack with the girlies when they get home from school. So tonight I searched for SB-friendly cookie recipes and found this SB devotee's blog. Some interesting things to try, if you're of a mind to, and I will be adding stuff that we try AND like to the Bistro blog in the weeks to come. Of course, if any of you have suggestions, PLEASE post them over on the Brookside Bistro blog.

All right. Back to the d*mned brief now - about an hour to go.

UPDATE: The brief has been sent off to meet its fate, and that blasted Beloved advises he has now lost 12 pounds in ten days. Weasel.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Princess looks to high school

Yes, my 14 year old graduates from 8th grade this coming Wednesday. So in a respite from brief-writing this evening, I asked her what she wanted.

Kid: "You're gonna think I'm a geek"

Me: "Of course I am. You're my kid"

Kid: "I want a cloak."

Me: "Whaaaa...?"

Kid: "An old-fashioney Jane Austen or Christine Daae one."

Me: " ipod, no new cell phone, no cash....a cloak."

Kid: "Yes, mommy. I'm serious. Let's look on the internet."

So after an hour of shopping, we have ordered a reasonably priced reversible black/burgundy velvet cloak, as well as a Celtic maiden over dress and a billowy, bell sleeved white cotton chemise to go under it.

She is not Gothy, has never been to a Renaissance fair[e], is anything but morose or, she just wants to sit in her garret (a la Jo March) on the 3rd floor and write poems, surreptitiously play with her dolls, sneak downstairs to watch Errol Flynn movies, and, as she put it, "enjoy the last summer of my childhood."

Interesting little creature...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Old Friend

St. Expeditus, Patron Saint of ProcrastinatorsPray for me!
I have a brief due Monday. I am fighting a losing battle for this poor client of a retired attorney, but it must be fought nonetheless.
I've folded all the laundry. I've cleaned my room. I've researched my end-of-summer vacation. I even called someone I've been avoiding for 6 months. I've straightened the hair of all 3 females in the house with my new Chi. I threatened to do the Beloved's too.
Yep. That bad.

DIY Latin Course

Rich at Ten Reasons found this great resource, Simplicissimus via the Latin Mass Society of England & Wales website...about 100 downloadable pages to help you understand the nuts and bolts of Latin for the TLM. Now if we could just get one together here in my corner of the wretched DOR...

Speaking of which, I encourage you to read his post entitled "Instrumentality" and its links so you get an idea of how out-of-control this Diocese and its Bishop have become.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Jack...again!


I managed to get a few seconds of Jack between naps and "kills" for my maiden Mino post. As my dear Digi would concur, I reserve the right to annoy the crap out of you with cute kid and critter videos. ;-)

P.S. Steph, OH YEAH! I am SO using this for work...and the attendant writeoff, of course! (I will have to redact my Coldplay lullabye CD on the Amazon receipt, however...)

Ooooooh Neato!

Ok, I am now an official Digi-disciple. That cute little Flip Mino camcorder came today about 30 minutes ago, and it is COOL! Sadly, I cannot get any good video of the boy doing anything cute at the moment, as he and the 10 y/o are snuggled up watching an old Blues Clues video...if their eyes were not darting back and forth, I'd've checked their pulses. Got some finger chewing and an occasional glance and grin, but that's about it. Beloved's taking 14 y/o to dance lessons, doggies are soggy from being out in the rain, Jack the Cat is MIA (napping on the 3rd floor, probably)...but I will come up with something by the end of the night. If it kills all of 'em.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question for my UK friends

If you could live anywhere in Britain with your family, where would it be? (Taking into account quality of schools, proximity of a good Catholic church, and access to a larger city, or neighborhood within a city). And why?

Just curious...

Is it me?

Went to the 5pm Mass and heard the SAME canned Father's Day homily for the third year straight. 2 different priests, same exact story read aloud. Nothing to do with the readings, just a trite modern-day parable about a son who tells his dad he wants a sports car when he graduates from college, dad gives him a bible, son gets mad at dad, they don't speak for decades, dad dies, son goes through dad's personal effects, finds bible, bookmarked to Matthew underlining a passage about passing stuff on to children, then key for sports car kid wanted all those years ago falls out of Bible, "paid in full."

My dear Nigerian priest friend (imported due to the shortage in the DOR) once told me that as part of his orientation back in 2001, he was strongly encouraged to download these canned homilies from some website and use them each week. He was duly shocked and appalled, and never has done so. His homilies are instructive, meaningful, moving, and would blow you away. He's 1:45 away from us or I'd be there every week.

Again, I really REALLY need to move!

To All You Dads....

Happy Father's Day!

To my Beloved, an incredibly patient, kind, loving, thoughtful, and connected daddy...charmer of babies and all other small mammals, fetcher of treats, killer of spiders, soother of fussies, helper with math, bane of fishes, midnight ironer of a dozen little girl dresses before leaving for a deployment at safe harbor and the love of my life.

The Norman Rockwell painting above is entitled "Freedom from Fear" and is one of a series of four done during WWII to set forth our shared purpose in fighting - freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech - as addressed in a speech by FDR to Congress in 1941. Rockwell brought these ideals to life through images of American life as only he could produce. My grandfather (1912-1997) was an artist trained at the Chicago Art Institute, and owned one original Rockwell, (which went to his very nice and kind third wife, sadly, when he died) purchased in person from the man himself. It was a family love. Before and after my parents divorced, my dad always had tons of Rockwell prints at his office and all over the house, including this one and its brothers, as well as books of his works. All were chucked by my stepmother, who hated them, at some point during THAT divorce. Had I known, I'd've been to the house at the drop of a hat.

I used to pore through the books on weekend visits, wishing I could live in the world and in the families Rockwell depicted. This one was bittersweet to me, because when I looked at it, I often wished my parents were still together to tuck me in at night. I have very few happy memories of them having done so. I suppose I longed for that feeling of security and, yes, safety from scary noises, boogeymen and all those sorts of childhood fears that having a Daddy down the hall provided. It wasn't until much, much later that actually I read the caption on the print and understood that it was much, much more than a slice-of-life bedtime scene.
You can read more about "The Four Freedoms" here.

And finally, I must say Happy Father's Day to my Dad. Hope you are well, wish you would be, and I hope you are safe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

RIP, SSgt Pickett

Another one that hurts - this young man was the son in law of one of the Beloved's friends from their days in Kuwait.

Flags to be lowered in honor of fallen Ft. Drum soldiers

Dieu et mon droit...voici le doigt!

Loose translation: The French give us the finger yet again.

C'est incroyable.... (<--click on link)

A little thank you gift for our help on D-Day.

It's like the Taliban blasting the Buddha monuments in Afghanistan. Sickening.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert - Requiescat in Pace

Tim Russert died suddenly at work today of an apparent heart attack. He was 58. He was a fine gentleman from Buffalo, received a Jesuit education before that was a "bad" thing, received a law degree, and while I did not agree with his politics, I have always thought him to be one of the best in an otherwise snarky business. He wrote a great book, "Big Russ and Me," a tribute to his dad, which I recommend. May his family, especially his grieving wife and son, find consolation in their faith and may his soul truly rest in peace.
We've lost one of our best.
(Photo Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"The Nation Will Live to Regret What The Court Has Done This Day" says Justice Antonin Scalia

Amidst the awful news today coming out of Oklahoma, where two little girls were randomly and mercilessly shot to death and the killer(s) remain at large, and Iowa, where four young boys died when a tornado hit at Boy Scout camp, there's this:

Guantanamo detainees have habeas corpus rights.

What does this mean? Well, I am by no means a criminal law specialist, just a connoisseur, but here's the nutshell version. A writ of habeas corpus (literally "to have the body" of a prisoner, remember "Habemus Papam?") allows a prisoner the right to challenge the authority of a warden to continue to hold him on the grounds that his confinement is illegal, inasmuch as he had ineffective assistance of counsel at the time of trial. (A bit different than an appeal, which challenges the judge's conduct of the trial and his rulings from the bench).

He submits the writ to a judge, who reads it and either denies it or orders a hearing, at which time the prisoner can argue that his confinement is unconstitutional, cruel and unusual, etc. It is a device used to challenge the death penalty on constitutional grounds, as well as appeals.


The Al Qaeda detainees being held in Cuba at GTMO, who were captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq while actively engaged in terrorist activities calculated to kill American, British, and all coalition troops, not to mention any and all citizens of those countries who dared to oppose them, now have the right to petition the Federal Courts of the United States of America for release, despite the fact that they have never set foot on American soil.

Previously, such matters would be subject to decision before a military tribunal - cases stretching back to the Nuremberg trials confirm that foreign enemy combatants engaged in wartime activities against Americans and detained outside this country did not have habeas corpus rights, (i.e., Nazis who escaped after Germany's surrender and were subsequently captured in China helping the Japanese fight the Allies.) When the GTMO situation arose after 9/11, Congress passed legislation to allow these alien detainees to be tried before military tribunals, invoking the constitutional right to deny or "suspend" habeas corpus rights in times of war (the "Suspension Clause" - see below), and the President and Commander in Chief signed Congress' bill into law. Years later, the judicial branch is usurping the painstaking research, debate, and centuries of history that went into crafting and passing the law.

So essentially, our courts and taxpayer dollars will fund these evil bastards' attempts to be freed, and they will be entitled to free counsel provided by the very nation they have vowed to destroy.

Entire opinion here, (Boudemiene v. Bush 553 U.S. ___ ) but below are some highlights from the blistering dissenting opinions of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia (my legal idol). This is longish, but worth sticking around to read.

We begin with a brief review of HISTORICAL FACT:

America is at war with radical Islamists. The enemy began by killing Americans and American allies abroad: 241 at the Marine barracks in Lebanon, 19 at the Khobar Towers in Dhahran, 224 at our embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, and 17 on the USS Cole in Yemen. See National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, The 9/11 Commission Report, pp. 60–61, 70, 190 (2004). On September 11, 2001, the enemy brought the battle to American soil, killing 2,749 at the Twin Towers in New York City, 184 at the Pentagon in Washington, D. C., and 40 in Pennsylvania. See id., at 552, n. 9. It has threatened further attacks against our homeland; one need only walk about buttressed and barricaded Washington, or board a plane anywhere in the country, to know that the threat is a serious one. Our Armed Forces are now in the field against the enemy, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Last week, 13 of our countrymen in arms were killed.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
The Suspension Clause reads: “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” U. S. Const., Art. I, §9, cl. 2.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
[I think it's safe to say our nation is in such a situation at present - KB]
Today the Court strikes down as inadequate the most generous set of procedural protections ever afforded aliens detained by this country as enemy combatants.
-- Chief Justice John Roberts

What competence does the Court have to second-guess the judgment of Congress and the President on such a point? None whatever. But the Court blunders in nonetheless. Henceforth, as today’s opinion makes unnervingly clear, how to handle enemy prisoners in this war will ultimately lie with the branch that knows least about the national security concerns that the subject entails.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
...[t]he decision is devastating.At least 30 of those prisoners hitherto released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to the battlefield....Some have been captured or killed.... But others have succeeded in carrying on their atrocities against innocent civilians. In one case, a detainee released from Guantanamo Bay masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese dam workers, one of whom was later shot to death when used as a human shield against Pakistani commandoes... Another former detainee promptly resumed his post as a senior Taliban commander and murdered a United Nations engineer and three Afghan soldiers... Still another murdered an Afghan judge...It was reported only last month that a released detainee carried out a suicide bombing against Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, Iraq...These, mind you, were detainees whom the military had concluded were not enemy combatants. Their return to the kill illustrates the incredible difficulty of assessing who is and who is not an enemy combatant in a foreign theater of operations where the environment does not lend itself to rigorous evidence collection.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
The game of bait-and-switch that today’s opinion plays upon the Nation’s Commander in Chief will make the war harder on us. It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
Today the Court warps our Constitution in a way that goes beyond the narrow issue of the reach of the Suspension Clause.
-- Justice Antonin Scalia
(What he means by this, chillingly, is that the Court opened a Pandora's box today - now OTHER of our nation's Constitutional rights and protections, by analogy, can be conferred upon foreign nationals...and trust me, they will be. - KB)
The Nation will live to regret what the Court has done
today. I dissent.
Me too, Mr. Justice Scalia. Me too.

Uninformed Consent

So you take a peek at your son's cell phone and discover his 16 y/o girlfriend is preggers. What's a mom to do?

A. Rejoice at the miracle of life
B. Beat your son to a pulp
C. Cry a lot, but carry on and support all three children (son, girl, baby)
D. What this evil hag did

My friends, just goes to show ya that laws - good and bad ones - are made to be broken.

Prayers for all miserable wretches involved, and especially for the little lost soul in this "victimless" crime.

So much reparation needed, so little time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liturgical Atrocities (a la "America's Funniest Home Videos?")

The Beloved and I are on a YouTube tear this evening, vying for the who can find the worst liturgical dance video (I'm still winning with the Hokey Pokey, Happy Hands is currently in 2nd), so feel free to pitch in.

FYI, the subtitle to the contest is "DANCE DANCE DEVOLUTION"

The Happy Hands Club

A youth group's interperative dance to the WYD 2008 theme song.


Apt in so many ways...

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Kit the Prickly of Mellow under Trollness
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title


For Digi...yes, the law is a demanding mistress, and sometimes you've gotta let yourself embrace those guilty pleasures!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Welcome Twist

Holocaust Survivors to Thank Pope

Foundation Events Aim to Shine Light on Historical Facts

NEW YORK, JUNE 9, 2008 ( A New York-based organization willbring a group of Jewish Holocaust survivors to visit Benedict XVI nextweek. They want to personally thank the Pope for the Church'sintervention in saving their lives during the war.The Pave the Way foundation is bringing the group to visit the GermanPontiff on June 18. It is just one initiative the foundation has undertaken to clear up misunderstandings about the Church and its role during the Holocaust.

Another initiative is a September symposium on the papacy of Pope Pius XII. The Pave the Way foundation partnered with TV News Agency Rome Reportsto videotape eye witness testimony. They uncovered secret activities of the Pope and members of the papal household to save the lives of Jews during the war.The foundation consulted various experts who will be panelists at the symposium. The audience will be over 100 mostly Jewish religious,educational and community leaders from around the world.The participants will be presented with historical newspaper accounts,documents and eye witness testimony from those who are still alive.

The purpose of the symposium will be to analyze what is known to date,while Vatican archivists continue to prepare thousands of documents to be opened. The foundation clarified that the symposium does not aim to give a scholarly review of archived manuscripts. "This event will be almost like a jury, where events of the day andactual witnesses can help the group reach a reasonable conclusion today, which will be subject to historical confirmation when the archives havebeen opened," a statement from the foundation explained. The symposium participants will also get a chance to visit Benedict XVI.

Copyright © 2008 Innovative Media, Inc.

H/T Mike at

[In]Famous Footwear


Just for you, she!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Loud, proud, and legally protected...

It took me awhile to know what to title this post. May be contest worthy. Entire story at The Onion:

Controversial Court Ruling Upholds Homosexual's Right To Prance Around Demanding Attention And Being A Drama Queen

HARTFORD, CT—The Connecticut Supreme Court on Monday upheld the right of individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, to engage in any number of "grandiose behaviors," including, but not limited to, sashaying across the room "like a hussy, yelling 'Oh my God!' at the top of their lungs while hopping up and down, and generally acting like Miss Thing."

The court ruled 5-2 in favor of the plaintiff in Carmichael v. State of Connecticut, a landmark case overturning a lower court's decision against homosexual Michael Carmichael's right to excessive theatrics. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers argued that "although the loud and emotionally over-the-top behaviors of Mr. Carmichael may be considered annoying by the community standards established by both his heterosexual and homosexual peers, the question of whether or not an individual is acting overly queeny is not a matter for the law to determine."

The "actual" courtroom sketch


DISCLAIMER: I guess I thought everyone knew The Onion is not "real" news, so to the outraged commenter who wanted to know how to get in touch with the Governor of CT, who to kill, etc., I'm truly very sorry to have alarmed you, this was just a joke!

Our Lady's England

Sanctus Belle has a link to this interesting article about a group in England making pilgrimmages to the numerous Marian shrines destroyed by Henry VIII/the Reformation. A few passages that struck me:

The percentage of English Protestants and Catholics who worship in churches is so low that, in any given week, “there are almost as many Sikhs worshipping in their temples as there are Christians — Protestants and Catholics — in churches

and :

“Most people in England — which after all is quite Godless and secular — don’t have a heart for purification and reparation,” [. . .]“We don’t need to apportion blame for the past, but, as a nation, England wronged Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother and we need to make reparation.”

Interesting...worth pondering and prayer.

(Ss. John Fisher, Edmund Campion, Thomas More, Margaret Clitherow, and all the English Martyrs, pray for us!)

Liturgical Hokey-Pokey

Words fail...if you can make the whole 8 minutes, let me know. I lasted for 1:31

H/T Cavey

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stuck in the Middle With You...

Newly ordained Deacon at Mass this evening. Hard to articulate my feelings, so will keep it simple...

GOOD: dude's a newly ordained deacon...which is saying something in the near-dead Diocese of Rochester.

BAD: dude looks like a lady...he was sporting a ponytail and earrings.

I need to move.

(Bishop Sheen & St. John Fisher, pray for us!)

Thank the Lord...

Baby Miraculously Survives Abortion, Expected to Live 'Normal' Life

A mother who decided to abort her son because he may have inherited a life-threatening kidney condition is overjoyed that he survived the procedure.

An incredible story...selective eugenics brought down again by reality. May our Blessed Mother continue to keep this little one close.


...and his Wright-hand of Saru- man!

Major H/T to Vincenzo - thanks for the early-morning crack-up!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ahhh, the 10 year old strikes again! She just got up for a late-night drink and walked into my room to find out "what all the howling was about" on tv. The Obama victory speech, I assured her, with a happy crowd cheering.

"Oh. They sound like orcs. Goodnight."

Deadpan delivery, as only an Aspie can do.

(Oh my gosh, I am still laughing!)

[Don't] vote for O[rc]bama!

(Surely someone with Photoshop skills could have fun with these!)

2 weeks too late...

Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, announced Tuesday that Pfleger was to be removed from his post, at least temporarily.

“To put recent events in some perspective, I have asked Father Michael Pfleger, Pastor of St. Sabina’s Parish, to step back from his obligations there and take leave for a couple of weeks from his pastoral duties, effective today,” Cardinal George said in a statement.

But wait...the parishioners don't agree! (Link issues with Blogger this evening - you'll have to cut and paste):