Monday, June 9, 2008

Loud, proud, and legally protected...

It took me awhile to know what to title this post. May be contest worthy. Entire story at The Onion:

Controversial Court Ruling Upholds Homosexual's Right To Prance Around Demanding Attention And Being A Drama Queen

HARTFORD, CT—The Connecticut Supreme Court on Monday upheld the right of individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, to engage in any number of "grandiose behaviors," including, but not limited to, sashaying across the room "like a hussy, yelling 'Oh my God!' at the top of their lungs while hopping up and down, and generally acting like Miss Thing."

The court ruled 5-2 in favor of the plaintiff in Carmichael v. State of Connecticut, a landmark case overturning a lower court's decision against homosexual Michael Carmichael's right to excessive theatrics. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers argued that "although the loud and emotionally over-the-top behaviors of Mr. Carmichael may be considered annoying by the community standards established by both his heterosexual and homosexual peers, the question of whether or not an individual is acting overly queeny is not a matter for the law to determine."

The "actual" courtroom sketch


DISCLAIMER: I guess I thought everyone knew The Onion is not "real" news, so to the outraged commenter who wanted to know how to get in touch with the Governor of CT, who to kill, etc., I'm truly very sorry to have alarmed you, this was just a joke!


gemoftheocean said...

de Trop!

A friend of mine (who is very slender) recently went off on a tirade about "male fashion designers who allegedly design women's clothing but in reality are designing for their gay little boyfriends.")

Her daughter, who in the "old days" would be a normal size 12 or 13 is practically reduced to tears by designers who come out with "size 0" things.

"Daughter dear, you have hips and a butt. Men, even gay men, don't have those." Is it any wonder so many women are in a state of crisis about their weight/size?

Elizabeth said...

Hysterical...literally..."overly Queeny" OMG. Came over by way of the Catholic Caveman...I'll be back.
Blessings, EJT

Kit Brookside said...

Welcome, Elizabeth! Stop by any time...can't promise you the non-stop entertainment of the Cavedwellers, but we do have some fun here every so often!

LarryD said...

God has blessed certain people with great humor and wit; whoever wrote this at The Onion is one of them.

Great courtroom sketch - I can imagine Scott Thompson of Kids Down The Hall doing a skit of such a thing!

she said...

kit, hi! yeah its a joke, but after watching that procession video at the lair, for a second, i thought it might be true!
....i came by to tell you your comment about the priest just getting off the teacup ride was hilarious!

Kit Brookside said...

Hey she, how've you been? I know, I know, I have a rather warped sense of humor...but hey - keeps life interesting, and the beloved amused!