Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Lady's England

Sanctus Belle has a link to this interesting article about a group in England making pilgrimmages to the numerous Marian shrines destroyed by Henry VIII/the Reformation. A few passages that struck me:

The percentage of English Protestants and Catholics who worship in churches is so low that, in any given week, “there are almost as many Sikhs worshipping in their temples as there are Christians — Protestants and Catholics — in churches

and :

“Most people in England — which after all is quite Godless and secular — don’t have a heart for purification and reparation,” [. . .]“We don’t need to apportion blame for the past, but, as a nation, England wronged Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother and we need to make reparation.”

Interesting...worth pondering and prayer.

(Ss. John Fisher, Edmund Campion, Thomas More, Margaret Clitherow, and all the English Martyrs, pray for us!)

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