Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uninformed Consent

So you take a peek at your son's cell phone and discover his 16 y/o girlfriend is preggers. What's a mom to do?

A. Rejoice at the miracle of life
B. Beat your son to a pulp
C. Cry a lot, but carry on and support all three children (son, girl, baby)
D. What this evil hag did

My friends, just goes to show ya that laws - good and bad ones - are made to be broken.

Prayers for all miserable wretches involved, and especially for the little lost soul in this "victimless" crime.

So much reparation needed, so little time...


Anonymous said...

Just when is this evil going to stop!!!

LarryD said...

It'll be stopped when we least expect it. And it definitely won't be should Obama be elected.