Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diet update and South Beach blog

I have been very slowly making good on my New Year's Resolution. Cheating, of course, on all applicable holidays and birthdays, but I am getting there. I currently weigh about 14 lbs less than I did at the time I conceived the boy (I gained and pretty effortlessly lost the 25 pregnancy pounds). However, it's the way things fit that still annoys me.

Anyway, the Beloved has decided to get back to his pre-retirement USMC weight, so we bought the new South Beach Supercharged book, which focuses on not just the original diet, but also provides more information on exercise and recipes. He has lost 8 lbs in his first week (QUITE annoying!).

The tough thing for me is missing my Scott's Porage Oats in the morning (sniff!) and afternoon tea and cookies/snack with the girlies when they get home from school. So tonight I searched for SB-friendly cookie recipes and found this SB devotee's blog. Some interesting things to try, if you're of a mind to, and I will be adding stuff that we try AND like to the Bistro blog in the weeks to come. Of course, if any of you have suggestions, PLEASE post them over on the Brookside Bistro blog.

All right. Back to the d*mned brief now - about an hour to go.

UPDATE: The brief has been sent off to meet its fate, and that blasted Beloved advises he has now lost 12 pounds in ten days. Weasel.


DigiHairshirt said...

So, how did the brief come out?

Kit Brookside said...

Well, it's done and launched...the hearing is on the 7th. I have great facts and law on the underlying claim, but sadly, I don't think I can overcome a res judicata argument. (A clear-cut E & O issue courtesy of the former attorney's paralegal.)

It's one of those things where you do your best to win, knowing you will probably lose unless the judge takes pity on the client, and in the end, someone you like and respect is gonna have to notify his carrier because he did not think to double-check an otherwise reliable employee's work. It sucks, and it could just as easily have happened to me when I was working 60-80 hour weeks back in CA. Scary.


(Thanks for asking, though!)

DigiHairshirt said...

Well, cry, "Equity!" and let slip loose the dogs of war (to misquote Bill Shakespeare) . . .

Anonymous said...

The Portobella mushroom recipe looks delicious on SB's blog.

Why is it that men lose so much weight, so fast!? I guess it's all their muscles--they just burn through the calories.

When my husband wants to lose a few pounds, he just cuts back a bit, and in a week or two he's fine--sheesh.

Will be praying for your continued success!

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, there's only one thing to do when he starts to tell you how much he's lost. Put your fingers in your ears and start singning "la-la-la, I can't hear you" repeat until he stops speaking. :-D [Worked when I was six, anyway.]

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Men always lose weight faster to begin with-something about metabolism. Ha!
Gid bless Kit and thank you for your prayers- I sure need them right now.

Kit Brookside said...

Thanks all....and Karen, I'm more of a "kidney punch" sort..