Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Old Friend

St. Expeditus, Patron Saint of ProcrastinatorsPray for me!
I have a brief due Monday. I am fighting a losing battle for this poor client of a retired attorney, but it must be fought nonetheless.
I've folded all the laundry. I've cleaned my room. I've researched my end-of-summer vacation. I even called someone I've been avoiding for 6 months. I've straightened the hair of all 3 females in the house with my new Chi. I threatened to do the Beloved's too.
Yep. That bad.


LarryD said...

You forgot to add that you blogged about procrastinating, a sure sign if I ever saw one!

I'll pray for you -

the mother of this lot said...

Did I miss something? When did Kit start giving up?

Kit Brookside said...

LOL Larry! Cheers Jackie!

I have not yet give up. But I have begun writing. A little. Talked to the client this afternoon to ensure that expectation levels are low, so perhaps we might be pleasantly surprised!

gemoftheocean said...

Lord, there's a St. Expeditus?! I need him in my pantheon of well as a holy card, statue, medal, is there a chaplet and are there places where "St. Expeditus has slept here?"

Kit Brookside said...

Karen, I don't think anyone's gotten around to making any of that stuff...

(rim shot!)

Apparently he is popular in New Orleans (not kidding), and while he is/was apparently an Armenian martyr, there's some indication that he's a St. Christopher-esque figure. Not sure he's for real.