Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question for my UK friends

If you could live anywhere in Britain with your family, where would it be? (Taking into account quality of schools, proximity of a good Catholic church, and access to a larger city, or neighborhood within a city). And why?

Just curious...


the mother of this lot said...

Well, I'd live right here of course!

Kasia said...

I'll tell you where I would NOT go: Salford. At least when I lived there eight years ago, it had a notoriously high crime rate and (allegedly) one of the most dangerous streets in Britain.

Worst thing that ever happened to me, however, was an icy snowball in the back of the head. For what it's worth.


AutumnRose said...

Chester ~ the most beauitful city in the North, on the edge of Wales. Steeped in (Roman) history, and with a beautiful Church (ST. Francis) which does a Latin Mass once a week, and exposition every day. I am a bus-ride away :)

Thanks for your loving comment on my blog today, btw xx