Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liturgical Atrocities (a la "America's Funniest Home Videos?")

The Beloved and I are on a YouTube tear this evening, vying for the who can find the worst liturgical dance video (I'm still winning with the Hokey Pokey, Happy Hands is currently in 2nd), so feel free to pitch in.

FYI, the subtitle to the contest is "DANCE DANCE DEVOLUTION"


gemoftheocean said...

Kit this is hysterical! Chalk one up for not doing the "naked baby in the font" thing. Ugh. Sometimes traditions need to get lost!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

AARGH! You have skill in finding this stuff! I wasn't laughing...I wasn't. It was someone else.
Mind you there were some sad-horrible bits too. That priest with Holy Communion should use a PATTEN!!!

Kit Brookside said...

Yeah, the naked baby was good - it was not until my 39th year and upon having a boy that the etymological basis for calling little boys "Squirt" finally dawned on me.

Now if someone could just explain to me a 13 month old's downright joyous obsession with grabbing and squeezing his dangly bits at every open-air opportunity...sheesh.

(Darn pesky Y chromosomes!)