Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember me?

Long time no blog! For the dozen or so of you who read this regularly, mea culpa...but most of you know what I've been up to courtesy of Facebook.

Beloved: still in the Middle East

Princess: 16, sweet, still dating the nice drummer boy, who is headed to college for pre-med studies. A few months ago, she decided she'd had enough of the Peyton Place of a CINO high school she goes to, fought a tough battle to graduate a year early...we compromised with her obtaining permission to study away at a Catholic University in NYC for her senior year, gain a year of college credit, and still obtain her diploma from the school she's cheered at but otherwised not enjoyed much these past few years. Soooo proud of her. :)

Therese: 8th grade! Smart as a whip, taking honors/9th grade classes...went on a grand adventure ouut West with the grandparents, and is gowing up into a mature and serene young lady. However, she refuses to return to Catholic school and declares that her former intention to become a nun has been eradicated by watching how the habitless nuns at her older sister's CINO school act, and how the kids at the school are allowed to behave. Thank you, DOR. Thank you, non-committal order.... But truly, she's doing well at a personal level, and will be great at whatever she chooses as her path in life.

The Boy: charming, darling, 3, and still a mystery. It's not a question of if, but rather where, he is on the ASD spectrum. It has been a year of tears but also one of triumphs as we are slowly breaking into his inner life and seeing how incredibly brilliant he is, and how rapidly his little mind processes things. Now we just have to get him to tell us more about it all. He's darling, he's amazing, and he's perfect just the way God made him. All the rest of us have to do is catch up. <3

Helo-Mom: content! She has had a blessedly quiet time of it. Great, honorable, high moral standard havin' boyfriend for our Princess. The college commute (for now) is a mere 90 minutes. Next year will be the true test.

Well, that's about all from nowhere....back when kids are in school. Really. I'm committed. ;)


Philangelus said...

Welcome back. :-)

Been there, done that with the boy on the ASD spectrum and no one knowing where. It's difficult not having answers.

Old Bob said...

I'm very happy to see you back. Hang in there, I'll pray for you. The Dominican Sisters, of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, and of St. Cecilia, are genuinely orthodox and traditional Catholic orders.

Angela M. said...

You're back - wonderful!

Kasia said...

The things I miss when we're "just" on Facebook... :-p

So glad to hear about Princess' victory. I was appalled at some of the stories you related, particularly about what happened at the dance, and I'm so glad she'll be away from that. Though university, of course, will present its own challenges.

Heartbroken to hear about Therese's change of plans - not because of the change, but because of why. A very poignant reminder of what witness can do, both for good and for ill. But so glad she's doing well otherwise.

Somehow managed to miss the details of The Boy. Knowing several ASD children, I have a glimmer of understanding about both the pain and the joy. And he is, truly, perfect just the way he is. I suspect for many people, realizing that is half the battle. Good for you and yours for being ahead of the curve!

Hugs to you from the Clamucks!!!

Packrat said...

So glad to hear from you. I, too, didn't know about your little one.

After having two children who attended Catholic elementary school (for varying lengths of time) and seeing how the students, parents, instructors, and yes even the priests behaved, there is no way I would ever put a child in school again.

Prayers for all of you. So glad you posted.

a thorn in the pew said...

Ha! I kept checking to see what's up with you. That's alot of info. Let me know if you ever want to chat over the autism info. You can add me on Facebook, if you want: