Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fellow Travelers - prayers requested

I wanted to hold off on this until after the holidays, but darn it, between my personal pals and blog acquaintances these past few weeks, there are some tiny, pure souls up in Heaven and some grieving mothers here on Earth who need prayers on this Feast of the Immaculate Conception: my sister in law, who recently miscarried, my dear friends Jude (godfather of my "law school baby") & his wife Emily, whose 18 week old died in utero this past week, John Mary Thomas (Dymphna's baby), and the many, many Catholic moms struggling, as I did for so long, with multiple miscarriages and subsequent trouble conceiving.
May our Blessed Mother wrap you in her mantle and the Divine Infant welcome His newest little playmates.
I pray He will send you joy in the upcoming year! Crazy schedule aside, I will be doing a Holy Hour for you all this weekend, plus one of gratitude for my own little family having been blessed with a long-awaited baby this year.