Sunday, December 16, 2007


Whew! Made it home from my legal conference in sunny San Diego in one piece between waves of sleet, ice, and blizzard at DTW and here in NY -- threaded the eye of the weather needle, so to speak. My poor guardian angel's proverbial wings must still be thawing...I invoke him/her about every 5 minutes (or more with every tiny bit of turbulence) to use them to keep us aloft while in flight.

Never used to bother me to fly, but after I had kids...and especially leaving the little critter behind for almost a week, I am now a confirmed flight phobe. Thanks again to my angel and the litany of saints who I silently beseeched going and especially coming home on this "Rejoice" Sunday!

We're in the home stretch....much wrapping, baking, and maybe even cards to do this coming week. (Still gotta get to confession, too!) Hope everyone out there is doing well and enjoying!

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