Monday, April 6, 2009

Dang! A few months too late...

...or this would have been the ideal wedding gift for Clamuck and crew. Well maybe for their first housewarming gift.

Incidentally, you on the lookout for a certain backordered item that should be arriving while I'm out of town next week.


Kasia said...

oooo...a way to keep Miko out of the kitchen!... :-)

Re: "certain backordered item" didn't have to do that...but since you already have, I'll save it for the thank-you note... :-)

We have something we're sending along for the Athlete, btw - I am asking Canuck to make sure to do it tomorrow so hopefullly I can get it mailed to you before you leave for's a little piece of Catholic apologetic happiness... :-)

The Canuck said...

HA!! That's awesome!!

Regarding a "certain backordered item" I'll reiterate what my lovely bride said - you really didn't have to do that, but here's an "unofficial" thank you!