Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I haven't been doing...

I just realized that I have not watched the evening news (or anything, actually) since the Beloved was here back in June for Princess' prom. I turned my bedroom tv on to check the weather for tomorrow (a day without rain?!?) and realized it was tuned to ESPN.

I NEVER watch ESPN unless he's here.


My ONE single day (including Sundays) without 2-4 different kid-related practices, speech therapy, or other things to do was this past Saturday. It poured. We watched Pride & Prejudice (1995...Colin Firth, baby!) all night and I made fabulous blender drinks. The great thing about this new blender is that it has dual blades, so I can make a cold adult beverage on one side and a cold child's beverage on the other. Frozen lemonade with fresh strawberries....and a nice ZING of Grey Goose for the Mamma.


But it would've been great to enjoy it while snuggled up with my Beloved watching ESPN. Or, better yet, watching P&P...


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gemoftheocean said...

Austin. *sigh* I could never get her. Jane Eyre drove me nuts. LEAVE THE MADHOUSE. TAKE YOUR CRAP AND GO! [Was what I basically wanted to yell at the Jane Eyre musical....]