Thursday, October 8, 2009


I don't know about you, but around here in the middle of nowhere, NY we had a cool, rainy, cruddy summer and the fall isn't much better. Yesterday we had a wind advisory, and just as we were about to hit our leaf peak....lost a lot of leaves. And a few branches, one of which (from a massive 100-foot pine or spruce in our yard) narrowly missed a neighbor's car. Whew!

Inside the domestic church, aside from learning that I need a $2000 masonry repair in order to renew and increase my homeowners' insurance coverage, I have just discovered a leak inside a wall that has destroyed a number of boxes of holiday and other miscellaneous decorations by heading into the dreaded "room under the stairs" in our basement. GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Years of craft fair prowling, kid-made treasures, and a few bags of clothes I never managed to drop off at the Salvation Army...mold spore city. That should be a fun weekend cleaning project, as should tearing into the wall somewhere between our recently redecorated and wallpapered powder room, freshly painted kitchen, and (newly dank and moldy) unfinished basement ceiling, pipes, and stone walls to see where the leak is. First, though, I have to get through tomorrow night's football game an hour and a half away in what's projected to be yet another loss in a cold, windy, downpour.

So yeah - it's been busy around here as usual. Just not our usual fun-busy.

I think it's time to start baking to warm things up, cover up the encroaching basement moldy smell, and start working on my winter layer of personal fat insulation! ;)


Packrat said...

About the same kind of c**p (only with cigarette smoke) going on here. Must be the moon phase or something.

I'm truly sorry you lost so many "goodies".

PS How does one get cigarette smoke out of a mattress and unfinished wood?

Old Bob said...

Being a packrat myself, I have a great deal of sympathy for you. Re smoke smell: there might be products on the market to take care of a mattress; the only thing I can suggest for unfinished wood is to sand it and finish it (either primer and paint, or stain and varnish, depending on how nice you want it to look). Good luck to you both!

Packrat said...

Old Bob, thanks for the Hints.

By the Brook - how are you holding up?