Friday, October 9, 2009



Between this and Al Gore, my theory that a peace prize given in the name of the inventor of dynamite is no longer's friggin' ridiculous.

Bono deserved it more than either of these two clowns.

Trying to "open up dialogue with the Muslim world?" Has that been helpful? That's up there with the dress Michelle Obama wore to the CMOH ceremony for Sgt. Jared Monti a few weeks back in the ridiculous, inappropriate, and farce categories.



Enbrethiliel said...


The most ridiculous part is that the nominations closed only a few days after he took office, when he really hadn't done anything yet.

Packrat said...

I *freaking* can't believe it either. I swore out loud when I saw the headlines this morning.

Side note: I had just opened your blog when my husband came in the back door. He had just seen the headline and came ranting about this same thing.

Old Bob said...

Dear Kit, you're totally right, and Mrs. O was dressed badly. Thanks for pointing to that! On a different note, I also call my file on Mr. O "Obamagrad." On a totally different note, I hope you and your loves ones, esp. Beloved and Princess, are well.

gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, that "Trash America Tour" where he kowtowed to the Saudi King/PRince/Potentate really wowed 'em. He hadn't even done it yet, the friggin' nominiations being closed only two weeks after this jerk seized office, but they just HOPED he would and as it turns out he's trashed the dollar, apolgized for everything America ever did, doubled the national debt which has taken more than 225 years to accumulate, laid waste to private industry, has a real unemployment rate of 16% and is about to take over 1/6 of the rest of what's left of the economy. With any luck he'll keep his nose so high in the air he'll trip off the Truman balcony and break his damned neck.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Since this is an award for un-achievement now, I deign that you, I and everyone else here get the Nobel Prize next year

gretchen said...

Kit, your sub-headline was my exact quote when my husband told me the news early yesterday morning on the way to the airport. I honestly thought he was joking.

I'm in Tampa right now visiting my best friend (with no kids & no husband!) and last night we went to the U2 concert. You are totally right; Bono deserves the peace prize over NObama. Interestingly enough, there were many times over the course of the evening where Bono congratulated Americans on living in the greatest country and working so hard to support the rest of the world. He takes more pride in our country than our illustrious president!

Joe, I had that same thought this morning - that any one of us would be just as deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize as Obama. Then I realized that we aren't famous for doing nothing. (And, most of us don't do nothing, but that's just a detail...)

Then this afternoon my 16-year-old daughter texted me "Time to head to Australia - I just saw a headline reading 'Fidel Castro lauds Nobel Prize for Obama.'"

Yikes. All (praying) hands on deck.