Monday, January 19, 2009

A breath of fresh air...

...did a day trip to NYC yesterday to do some high school dance shoe shopping and perhaps snatch up some same-day tickets to see a show. But once we hit the ground, the Princess and I decided against the show. We hit Canal Street, lunched in Little Italy, meandered up through Nolita, went to a small historic museum (Old Merchant's House on 4th St.) and gradually hoofed our way back up to Times Square, snacking, striking shoe and costume jewelry gold and chatting the whole way.

After the deep freeze hit here last week, it was actually in the 20's and a light snow started in the late afternoon...increasing in perfect step with our foot fatigue and desire to get back to Broadway and meet up with our group of friends (we charter a nice touring bus a few times a year to get the heck out of obscurity for awhile). It was so beautiful, though. The city was humming, there was just enough fresh snow for it to look clean and inviting, and was back to the bus. And to a big house near a brook, slightly north of nowhere.

Helo Mom will be back after pondering the imponderables of the teenage psyche...and after a day of centering prayer and self-imposed zero media tomorrow.

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gemoftheocean said...

pics! I love pics of nyc clad in clean snow!