Saturday, January 3, 2009

Helo Mom Dispatch #14: Stuck In A Moment and You Can't Get Out Of It

Well, for all the moping and sighing going on here, we traveled 75 minutes each way to watch the Athlete in a wrestling tournament today. To make a 5 hour long story short, we managed to see him in one match, and that against a state-ranked kid who routinely pounds the snot out of him.

So he looked across the mat at us with a big grin on his face and mouthed "I'm dead!"

And he was. After an initial struggle, the other kid had him on his back and things looked grim. But he somehow managed to flip to his belly, held his head up, locked his eyes on my daughter for a few seconds, rolled the other kid onto his back and pinned him! Stuck the state-ranked kid!

He hopped to his feet, stunned, then jumped up and down....his (fairly short and rotund) coach ran onto the mat, caught him mid-air, bear hugged him and carried him off the mat to his thrilled teammates, who all hugged him, too. Then he ran over to the bleachers, hugged his family....and then he looked at us with a big smile and a little question in his eye.

The Princess jumped to her feet and hugged him hard.

In front of onlookers.

First time ever.

The kid's already a giant, but I think he stood a few inches taller after that as he walked back to the team.

So just a few minutes before I started this post, I got a text:

Thx so much for bringing my good luck charm to the tourney. U have no idea what she means to me, and having her there made it the best match I'll ever have.

Enough to make a helo mom, well, a little verklempt.

Must go to bed now and ponder all that has transpired.

Update: "It's What Happens In That Six Minutes"


Kasia said...

Ohhhhhhhh!!!! :-) *sniff*

Verklempt! Verklempt!

This is the stuff cheesy teen soap operas are made of...should I be embarrassed that it affected me? :-p

Kit said...

I am living the cheesy teen soap opera...I share it as a warning to others...

For anyone out there who remembers the '80s movie "Visionquest" - and the fact Madonna sang in it for bonus points - yesterday was a Visionquest moment.

gemoftheocean said...

Have to say I'm enjoying the mini-soap opera too. I bet in the locker room the coach told him "See, now you should be able to do that EVERY time!!!!) Maybe the other kid didn't eat his Wheaties that morning either. :-D

The Digital Hairshirt said...

I am thoroughly enjoying this, but . . . she is still naught but a freshman! So my Helo-Mom instinct is to say, "Wait for it, wait for it . . ."

Anonymous said...

I always love hearing the next episode of the love story unfold!

LarryD said...

While I enjoy the continuing developments of a this high school affaire d'amour , I have the same feeling I get when my wife tricks me into watching a chick flick. ;-)

Sounds like your daughter has confidence and that the young man has class. Don't see that very often these days.

a thorn in the pew said...

Are you going to pen these in a book?