Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ecstasy...and then the agony

Two news stories that I managed to catch today....

1. About time this dirtbag goes down. One wife will get justice, anyway.

and now the one that really upsets and discourages me....

2. Padre Cutie...porque?

18 months ago, it was Fr. Francis. Now Fr. Alberto. More egg on the face of the Church, sure, but what disturbs me most about their stories is how well Satan picks his prey...two very bright men, gifted communicators, role models both aiming for and enaging the young adult segments of our Catholic population...and then they fall so horribly, so publicly, that they leave behind discouraged and disgruntled parishioners and international viewing and listening audiences, and the distinct impression that living up to the obligations and commitments of a priestly vocation is just too difficult for it to be a realistic or viable option.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! [But I didn't say "argh" in my head!]

Pray for these priests...and then follow that old hair-band anthem and Shout At The Devil!


gemoftheocean said...

Hate to say it, but I was relieved that if it was a sexual sin, at least it was NORMAL sex...

But I wonder if this latest case was a set up! Too pat. Yeah, like someone just HAPPENS to be there. Stupid. Wrong. Not right.

But this smells "seduced."

Smiley said...

Lets pray for This priest, i think it is s set up i could be wrong. sometimes out of such bad things God makes really perfect things, remember St Augustine.

Packrat said...

At the risk of getting my face slapped... Priests are, after all, male. But the picture I saw does look like a set up.

I know of two (at the time) young boys in two different countries that caught the local priest "with" the house keeper. (I'm not sure what this tells us, but one of the young boys became a priest the other young boy grew up and became a deacon - my FIL.) Evidently, this wasn't all that unusual and the parishioners just ignored this type of behavior.

Kit - you don't need to publish this. Just thought I'd pass this along.