Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coolest or Most Pathetic Mom...I Don't Care!

Well, as some of you now know, the Princess was finally diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Suckfest.

We have had such a busy summer with the tutoring, the speech therapy for The Boy, karate, ballroom, and the big math exam...no time for vacation (except Therese, who got to sneak away to visit cousins and then a week trip to Quebec with grandma), and now we get this wretched news after all her hard work. We've been mad, we've been weepy, and now it's time for some rebellion. So I decided to indulge my inner teenager.

I am taking the Princess to her first-ever rock concert.

U2 and Snow Patrol.

There. I said it. We will dance and scream and sing like fools, just without the ganja or other assorted illicit "meds" that will be floating around. We will buy the t-shirts. We will be in BOSTON!

I am telling the school it's a college visit. :)

Laugh if you dare....we won't be able to hear you for a few days afterwards. We are in the 4th row just off to the side of the stage.



Packrat said...

Oh, dear! Prayers are with you all.

Go. Have fun. But, be careful. (Yes, "Mom".)

Many hugs.

Kit said...

Fascinating...my child became a fan of Snow Patrol on facebook and on their fan site...and now her little photo is pinned on their page, front and center. She is getting friend requests from all over the uk. My fb concerns were not totally unfounded, it seems, but at the same time, she's kinda tickled at the thought of a bunch of scottish/irish rockstars thinking she's cute enough to keep around.

And no, fellow helo moms, she's not accepting anyone we do not know personally.

a thorn in the pew said...

That sounds fun! If you need any tips on managing Crohn's, give me a shout. The best long term way to deal is through diet. Will keep you in my prayers.

LarryD said...

My brother-in-law has Crohn's. My prayers are going out for the Princess.

And have fun at the U2 show. Mrs LarryD and I went with some friends to their Zooropa show. It was fun.

Safe travels!

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Aw, Kit, I hope all goes well. My prayers are with you and the family.

dellbabe68 said...

Have a great time!

U2 is the best.

Nutter butter is good for people with Chrohns. Helps keep weight on, I've heard.

dellbabe68 said...

And since I was able to comment, which I don't always figure out, let me say:
1) Thank you hubby for his service. You might check out a group like Soldiers' Angels, where I volunteer. We'll send him some support. 2) Princess should go with the Beauitiful Stranger, though keep up friendship with the Athlete. I'm so sorry they couldn't go to the prom.
3) The bat story was hilarious.
4) I enjoy your blog very much; God bless.

Old Bob said...

I have a friend whose daughter - about Princess' age - has something like that. I will pray more for her, and all of you.

Kit said...

Thanks to all - she has her colonoscopy, biopsy, etc, on Monday (to see how the tissue is affected by Crohn's - not looking for cancer) and is NOT looking forward to it. At all. Prayers are so very welcome and appreciated!!!

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, I'm so sorry I missed this earlier. Prayers for the Princess and family.

Packrat said...

It is late Monday night. I was just thinking about you and Princess. I hope you made it through the day. Hugs and prayers.

Lee Strong said...

Eldest daughter's first concert was Jars of Clay - a Christian band with local roots (two of them went to McQuaid in Rochester!).

Sorry about the Crohn's. A friend of mine has it. God be with your daughter.

By the way, not to rain on your parade (and I'm a fan of U2), I saw a disappointing interview with Bono about one of their latest songs, "Get on your boots" (I've seen it with other titles). He said the title (and refrain) is a reference to wearing condoms. Sigh.