Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time for a Tea Party

I have been a quietly political creature just about all my life. When I was in 5th grade, I asked for subscriptions to Newsweek and Psychology Today for Christmas - my mother thought I was nuts for asking, so the latter was probably particularly apt. Like my religious beliefs and convictions (although those didn't solidify until much later) I have always made it a point to be well versed in both my own opinions as well as those to the contrary before jumping into the fray. I also make sure my opponents are worthy, intelligent, not drunk, etc., before diving in.

So at a family lake party over the weekend, I listened while the family elders (60's liberals turned Reagan Republicans) went at it with their children - Obamaniacs all.

I said nothing.

I was so stunned at the one-sidedness and utopian myopia of the arguments made by the 20-30 year old set - and these young people are all college grads and beyond - med school, law school, and PhD's are in progress with all but ONE, who graduated from an outlying SUNY campus last year and is pondering law school. These minds were all formed while away working on their undergrad degrees during the post 9/11 years, being indoctrinated by the worst kind of leftist anti-war liberal collective that rules institutions of hgher education these days. While all of their fathers were in military service - and not all voluntarily - not one of the kids present has given any time or service to their country. They haven't had to - whether for college money, personal development, because of a draft, or any sense of commitment to their country. They have not had friends die - yet - for their country or because of those who would attack this country.

It got quite ugly and nasty between one very beloved Uncle and his son, at which point I instructed the Princess to go stand in the middle of the group and ask them if her butt looked big in her bathing suit. (She didn't of course, but all us ladies sitting across the dock sipping our wine and rolling our eyes cracked up....).

After the party and on the way home, we talked about all we'd heard, and who'd said what to whom, and the Princess said it was hard for her to listen to them. She remembers those scary days after 9/11 when her Daddy was on alert and on recall to the base at Miramar (i.e., all scheduled leaves cancelled, no leave allowed, had to be within 45 minutes of the base at all times for deployment readiness, etc.), the day we thought he was leaving that Fall, Christmas Eve when he was told to be at the base at dawn the next day, left, and then came home because the USAF refused to fly on Christmas...

"How can they be so blind? They aren't stupid people!"

That got me thinking, too. I have mentioned a few times here on the blog that I haven't had the tv on to watch the late-night news as usual. Honestly, since the election, I have not watched much regular television or the news at all - and especially since the Beloved left, I'd say I've watched the crappy local tv news once (and only because I was interviewed about a local political issue while watering my flowers...). I read a little bit here and there when I go online, and as you may have noticed - haven't been doing that much at all, either. I can't bear it. I don't want to see what the jackals are doing to our country, to our economy, and to our country's future. I see Sotomayor being confirmed as a Supreme Court justice and I cringe imagining what she will do to the future of American jurisprudence.

In the middle of all that pondering, someone forwarded me this:

This reminds me where we've been, and cautions me about where we could be headed if things don't change. We cannot let them win. And if people like moi (et toi) stick their heads in the sand for too long, they just might.


Packrat said...

I absolutely understand! We can't even talk to our son and daughter-in-law about O. They think he's wonderful. How come and when our son became so liberal? Is it the same as happened in the 1960's and early 70's where my generation (and a tad older folks) thought they were against the establishment? (Actually, I think most of us were just butting heads with our parents and then we came to our senses.) Only now it is so much scarier. The media, well, any one who doesn't agree with us thinks we're stupid and some even say that we are the terrorists.

Hope Princess is feeling better.

a thorn in the pew said...

We have been active with the Tea Party Movement here and the 9/12 Project as well. I don't want to say "I did nothing" and when people, like myself, feel so small, there is little to do but protest, pray and write letters/Facebook/Twitter/blog. So that's what I do. Sometimes I have to turn it all off too, ya know? Too much and too dizzying.

The Canuck said...

It's sad. I grew up watching American political coverage. It was easily accessible on Canadian television and was usually more compelling and exciting than Canadian politics - except the few times when the Quebec separatists got close to achieving their goals. In all my years of being something of a political junkie I've never seen anything like this from those in power.

The idea that the Dems are willing to commit political suicide so they can ram this through makes me wonder if they aren't all suffering from massive brain injuries.

I'm all for SOME form of government-financed health care (it's the Canadian in me) but, at this point and in this country, it's waaaay too expensive to roll out all at once. Perhaps if they could devise a way to roll the plan out over 15-20 years (while at the same time cutting back on other spending to keep the budget relatively sane) then I'd be all for it. But if they're going to risk bankrupting the country that me and my wife spent a lot of time, effort, and money getting me into (legally!) then I hope they fail miserably.

Just my two cents ...

gemoftheocean said...

I'm lucky that I have DUncan Hunter (Jr.) as my congressmen..unfortunately I have those two stupid b****es Boxer and Finestein too. If their noses were shoved in crap they'd insist it smelled like roses. They are two of the dumbest women in shoe leather.

30 million people and that's the best we can come up with? I wouldn't elect either recording secretary to a Wednesday Afternoon Women's Coffee Klatch group.

Do what I do. Just start yelling at people with 0ero stickers and such.

So help me, I was in such a foul mood last Friday (the bank tried to screw me over by not making the full amount of my paycheck available by the next day) [company had a new bank account]

I went down to the bank to see a manager I knew could get that lifted (the OTHER BofA branch was totally useless, and I told the manager I hoped his branch would burn down---SERIOUSLY, in THOSE exact words] and some young idiot was coming out the door as I came in. He had the misfortune to be in my way when I was already p.o.'d at Zero's shenannigans, AND without anything but 5 bucks in my pocket, and I looked at him, and instead of saying "thank you" [he was holding door open!] I looked right at him and said "**** Communism." It was an anglo-saxon word that rhymed with duck. I said it just loud enough for everyone in the bank to look up and drop their jaws open....I went RIGHT to the manager on duty [my main gal was NOT there] and within a few minutes had complete 100% satisfaction. So the moral of the story is, if your bank is jacking you around, walk in, say "**** communism" and then approach the bank manager! ;-D

I'm with Rush. "damn right I want obama to fail."

Angela M. said...

My son is going to Afghanistan within the next 6 - 8 weeks - like you I am avoiding the news (and most people.) They try to say things that are well meaning but NEVER come out right. Only one person has offered to pray for my son. I will take them up on that offer.