Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HMD #37 - Court-Date

Well some professional obligations are keeping HM quite busy of late, but here's the overdue update on the Westley-Buttercup ice-cream social:

1. Nice, well mannered young man. HM likes him.

2. His first "date" ever. He just turned 18.

3. His parents allowed him to go, but he pointedly neglected to tell his older siblings he went out to meet over ice cream with a...gulp...Catholic girl. One who is a cheerleader and wears the short-skirted uniform at that.

4. He is pondering the USMC but is concerned it will interfere with his Christian values and obligations.

5. No dancing allowed by his pastor or his parents.

6. He is not a fan of some of the #5-like rules and regs of his very fundamentalist Baptist upbringing.

7. He asked if she had any objections to dating a Protestant, she said not as long as said Protestant has any objections to dating a Catholic.

8. They plan to have another meeting when he returns from family vacation next week.

We shall see - HM thinks these are two very good kids who, while virtuous and religious in their own respective faiths, are too different for any sort of relationship to be successful beyond being friends. Maybe boot-camp penpals.

HM has been wrong about such matters before. The Athlete leaves for college in 3 weeks and intends to persist from afar.



Kasia said...


a thorn in the pew said...

OOOhhh....are you sure you don't need a publishing house? Hahaha

Kelly Moran said...

great blog. i'm following you now. you should check mine out. i do author interviews with book give-a-ways!

Packrat said...

Grandma/Mom/Wife perspective - maybe fun to date, but not a good choice for lifetime partner. Unfortunately, we have to deal with spouse's family, too. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but beware the quiet, nice, and polite boys. My experience is that they are the sneakiest (for lack of better word).

The Digital Hairshirt said...


I believe your collection of Helo Mom Dispatches would be a hit! Problem is, you have to give the Princess a little time because at her age, she'd be mortified to see this in print.

We sign Catherine Zeta-Jones to play you.