Saturday, November 17, 2007

Deer Season


I understand the rationale, I know there are actually people here in rural Upstate whose families still rely on this source of meat to get through the winter, it is tradition, a prelude to the holidays, it's a tribute to and links us to this area's 250+ year past....but I must admit it makes me queasy seeing carcasses strapped to everything from battered old pickups (Clampett style) to BMW's driving past my house (and those are the drunken idiots that worry me colleagues of the Bar, investment bankers, and doctors playing "Predator" in the woods).

Not being from this area to begin with, it's discomfiting. The inlaws roll their eyes...their son's wife, the pseudo intellectual city-bred princess, just doesn't get it...but be that as it may, I go into a funk at this time each year until the shooting stops and wish I still lived in the largely game-free Chicago suburbs.

When the deer get guns, it will be a fair fight.

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