Friday, November 16, 2007

Wrinkles, gray hair, and...

In addition to a teenager and a tweenager, I have an adorable six-month old baby. Nursing is about over, so the lovely hormones have gone into overdrive. I sat in front of my magnifying mirror attacking the hedges (a.k.a., my eyebrows) and thought "uh oh, better get the Lancome out, I see a new toe in the crow's feet." Then I looked at what I thought was a trick of light reflecting off of my brown hair....egad! A little sprout of WHITE, not gray, hair sticking straight up. Y'know....the nasty, wiry kind. Tweezed that into submission too. And then...what the?!? A pimple?!? Here I am staring down the barrel of 40 and suddenly my inner teenager has erupted on my chin.

Then I heard giggling from downstairs -- my Alpha and Omega children were having a blast together while I was staring in horror at this trifecta of imperfection in my mirror. Life is beautiful, and motherhood is an amazing gift. So much for the tweezers, the eye cream, and most of all, the ego.

I went downstairs and got more than my fair share of slobbery baby kisses -- that's the sweet stuff!

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Dymphna said...

I can relate. I have looked in the mirror and wondered how on earth I can still be as greasy as a teenager with pimples and yet have a wrinkle.