Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wake me up when November's Advent!

Well, another month and another year (liturgical and otherwise) comes to an end. I am just about recovered from the 13 houseguests we had for Thanksgiving, all the fall decorations are off the walls and windows, and we are anxiously awaiting the weekend and cracking out the Advent decorations. Yes, Advent. We hold off on the Feast of the Nativity (a.k.a., Christmas) stuff to really enjoy and soak in the totality of the Christmas season. These are (imho) some of the most beautiful readings of the year -- so again, why not take it slow and enjoy them?

We get the wall calendars, Advent wreath, candles and creche scenes out, sans baby Jesus, and slowly add the rest, a little bit each weekend. I try to do as much shopping online to avoid the material madness at the mall (not that I don't go nuts and do my fair share of overspending on gifts, I just don't like engaging in or witnessing the frenzy and the secular dilution that dominates the season anymore) and we really do our level best to concentrate on family time, decorating, baking, watching old movies with the kids, and snuggling ourselves in for a cold Finger Lakes winter. Work, kids' play, sports, and concert schedules, and of course a very cute baby keep me on my toes, but I am going to wrap my arms around all of it and immerse myself in all the reflection, light, and joy that I can manage!

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