Sunday, November 25, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a year of trials, but more importantly, one of miracles. After 7 years and as many miscarriages (after two routine "no brainer" pregnancies) we were blessed with our beautiful little baby this past April. I smile more. I am annoyed less easily. I see my older ones learning to nurture and love a much younger little piece of themselves. My oldest now understands my particularly fierce, protective style of maternal love, and we have grown closer as a result. They are kinder to each other, and they work together to care for "their" baby. My husband continues to amaze and humble me as I watch him being the consummate father, handling everything from rocking and snuggling to middle of the night cries to gnarly diapers -- as he put it, "It's what God put me on this earth to do." And there's nothing effete or "metro" about it -- he is a completely involved, commited, family man.

Thank you, God, for all these gifts.

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