Saturday, May 24, 2008


It arrived Wednesday, we watched the whole 5 hours yesterday, and I highly recommend it - especially on a rainy AND sick day. :)
There's a panoply of Britain's best actors, all of whom turn in excellent performances. It's more than just a period piece - beneath the Jane Austen-emulating plots of Elizabeth Gaskell (who wrote her novels starting about 40 years post-Jane), there's some serious examination of the coming Industrial Revolution (North and South did that best) and the decline of the rigid class system that came along with it. She did, after all, have her serial pieces published by her mentor, Charles Dickens...
Oh, and guys, my very manly beloved laughed out loud at various points. He was on the couch under blankies and under the influence of Theraflu, true, but he was a trooper and watched most of it with us girls. As he puts it, "it's always good to study the enemy and get to know how their minds work."

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Anonymous said...

I don't think we've seen Cranford. One for the list.
We watched Fiddler On the Roof over the last couple of days. Great stuff.

I also recommend the TV series-not out on DVD of Foyle's War. It's well researched and shows how England faired during WWII. Some of the little details brought back memories of the stories my gran used to tell.