Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vaccine/Autism link - not so crazy?

So maybe it's not just our imagination? Former NIH Director gives interesting interview (5 min.) in which she indicates further study is warranted, and that her position has slowly changed with more and more evidence before her. The two test cases are currently before the Court of Federal Claims (before which I am admitted to practice because of this class action, interestingly enough...)

Link to print story here:


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

This is a complicated issue, made more so by some of the really bad research that has been done into the MMR-autism link. Complicated yet further by the shocking lack of research into autism despite the exponential growth in children being diagnosed.

If there is to be a class action maybe the parents can push the case because of the mercury-putting a known poison into a vacine is plain barmy-but do you think they can get anywhere on the actual MMR-autism link?

I have a friend who has not had her children vacinated at all. They are the healthiest kids you could meet.
Meanwhile my sick dd is due her boosters and I am thinking, shall I take her or not?
It's hard-made worse by the fact that at just about every hospital appt or admission the question of whether she's up to date on jabs comes up.
God bless Kit.

a thorn in the pew said...

I wish I had kept better records. All went to pot within 30 days of his 4 yr MMR. Completely normal child til that point....
Big pharm sucks biscuits.

swissmiss said...

I'm actually a bit shocked that Dr. B. Healy is advocating that folks look at the evidence! Surprise, surprise! We go to a good Catholic doctor who supports vaccines, but doesn't hassle us whatsoever about not vaccinating our kids. I think there are other Catholics who go to this clinic (yes! a Catholic clinic with real Catholic docs! www.aalfafamily.com) who don't vaccinate either. It's scary when the news makes every ailment sound like an epidemic and that we are horrible parents for not vaccinating, but there are some vaccines, aside from being potentially dangerous and immoral, are just pointless (like Hep B for newborns).