Monday, July 21, 2008

Deep thoughts from the weekend

I don't think I've ever had occasion to quote myself before, but in response to the three new priestesses from Boston, being asked if I've ever had an unholy urge to go kick someone's ass, and comforting the Princess, (who remains ostracized by her little clique of 14 year old idiot female classmates for being honest in the face of interrogation about the others bullying someone) about doing the right thing, I said almost exactly the same thing:

We are called to be instruments of the Lord. Some prefer harps. Me, I'm the sharp sword or heavy blunt object sort.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Anonymous said...

That's exactly the way I feel!

Larry Denninger said...

That's a great quote! Look out, world - it's the Hammer of our God!

gemoftheocean said...

I'm with you. These nutjobs are NOT helping.

If it's any consolation to your daughter, tell her that someone could wave $1 million bucks under my nose and say "you can have it BUT, you have to relive ages 13 and 14" I'd refuse it. I'd tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Kit said...

Karen - thanks...I wish SO much that I was getting her ready for OLP out there instead of the crap-hole she's going to with these small-town, small-minded little wenches here...

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

God bless your daughter for her honesty and courage.
And yes I have been hiding the hammer under the bed in case it made me lack charity-but the world needs a bloody great sledgehammer approach these days.
No more fluff and faff! Tell it like it is!

Kasia said...

Honestly, Kit, I've said more than once that if I had to relive junior high now, I would probably be a school shooter. Not that I'm justifying that sort of thing, but kids that age are just THAT bad.

Your daughter can take some small solace in knowing that she did the right thing and is developing character like her mother's -- one day she, too, will be a heavy blunt object for the Lord. ;-)

(Me, I'm more of a sharply tap-tapping nagging sort of implement...)

gemoftheocean said...

Recently I posted about one of our young servers and her family moving to Germany for a three year assignment. She's going to be 12 soon and her mother is THRILLED that she will not go through puberty and catty early teen years here.

did *anybody* [except perhaps, those skanks who never had acne and always got that cute boy you liked to notice *them*] EVER have an easy time at that age?

Probably not. but I don't know that young teens believe you when you tell them that. If they could have just freeze dried us the minute we hit 12 and then unfrozen us when we turned 15 it wouldn't have been so bad.

And yeah, I'm sorry she couldn't have gone to OLP too. Girls always bitch about it, but they come out with close friends and a great education. Unfortunately now with the price of Catholic high schools, there's not as big a variety of social backgrounds and it tends to be "My dad's a lawyer, mom's a doctor, and I understand your dad is a stockbroker...." We had a number of kids from prominent social backgrounds then "back in the day" when I was going but it was still predominantly firmly middle class with a good number of working class kids thrown in. The later is gone, and the middle middle class is scarce. Sad to say -- which unfortunately can lend itself to a sense of entitlement at times.

I must say that the high school kids going to the Catholic high schools in particular tend to be hard pressed for time and they take a tougher load, actually, than we did with a number of AP courses virtually expected by those whose parents had graduated from top colleges themselves. The grind starts earlier, with less time for pure fun I think.

But you're least out here there are SO many kids, NO kid is without their own group of friends. I suspect OLP is rather like that (from fairly recent reports I heard) with the groups overlapping (just as it was when I went to my own (very much loved) High school. And that alone made it my favorite school of all.

[but 12-14? ARRRGGHH.... beam me up.]

swissmiss said...

Your daughter rocks for having the courage to stand up against the crowd. Good for her! Hard age to be, especially today. I like the sledge hammer approach too, sounds like my saintly, but very tough, father :)