Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony will be missed!

Tony Snow - a true class act - has passed away after a fierce battle with cancer - full story here. I've been a fan for years. Requiescat in Pace, Tony, and thanks for bringing intelligence, grace, and good humor to the political discourse.


RJW said...

I'll miss him too. It's kinda weird because we are the same age. That birth and death year like that gives one pause.

Kit Brookside said...

I know, RJW, it is way too young - I looked over at my Beloved when we saw the news this morning and said "hey - that's 9 years from now for you." Then we both looked over at the baby. Scary.

His dad's family has a very bad prostate cancer record - it killed his grandfather and has stricken his dad and three of his five far. Fortunately, the four of this generation have all beaten it through early detection and aggressive treatment.