Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ten Things I'd Like to See in Action: A Meme

Courtesy of MSgt. Cavey....

1. His Excellency Erik Richtsteig, Bishop of Rochester (Sorry Tara, but don't be greedy!)

2. Digi, arguing a career-making case in the Riverside County Courthouse, taking a dramatic pause, looking Heavenward for inspiration...and cracking up because of something she sees hanging from the ceiling. (Long story...)

3. Dinnertime at Jackie's...or better yet, the Parkes home!

4. A wedding photo of Kasia & The Canuck

5. Karen, at the investiture - oops - installment of Father Joan in Rochester. ("Go ahead. Make my day!")

6. A serious, knock-down, drag-out catfight between Condi Rice and Michelle Obama. Intellectually and physically, Condi SO wins!(Vincenzo, I rely on you to make this virtually happen!)

UPDATE: The prompt, talented, and ever-intrepid Vincenzo comes through!!!

7. The Beloved, holding that long-promised 9-figure winning Powerball ticket in his hand

8. Me, looking down at my hospital wristband and the matching one on the sleeping newborn in my arms, sometime in 2009. (Prayers for that one, far, not so good!)

9. The downfall of OPEC

10. The return, open practice, and "coolness" of traditional Christian morality - and hence, the restoration of the traditional led by real, MANLY men - in American culture

AND....I have one more:

11. The return of Ma Beck to her blog! (We miss you!!!)

All are encouraged to participate, but those linked by my wretched attempts at humor, you're TAGGED!


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Well Kit,

Let's just say there would be a spike in unemployment claims by cluster (foxtrot) leaders combined with an increasing in employment among restoration contractors. Also, Chucky Curran would need emergency surgery to remove my boot from his anterior. (Seriously, it wouldn't be the first time a Utah boy went to Rochester Bishop Kearney was the third Bishop of Salt Lake City.)

Kit said...

I say BRING IT ON, Father!

(I will volunteer for duty as your skatepunk exterminatrix!)

The Digital Hairshirt said...


Tits! I see TITS!

The Digital "No, I Wasn't Breastfed" Hairshirt

Kit said...

Hee hee! Madeja say it!

Wrecked it for ya, didn't I?

(Sorry...kinda....but still, hee hee!)

Vincenzo said...

"(Vincenzo, I rely on you to make this virtually happen!)"

Kit said...

Vincenzo, hats off - quick and entertaining, as always! LOL!!!

gemoftheocean said...

OOoooo kewl. I'm going to do this in the a.m. so I can dream on it tonight rather than do it too hastily!


Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to God's ear, Kit. Father Richtsteig or someone of his cut is EXACTLY what we need here in Rochester.

One suggestion Father, upon your consecration as Bishop of Rochester, please close, burn to the ground, and salt the earth of St Bernard's School of "Ministry" and Do open a real seminary. St Bernard's is the academy of lay heterodoxy and "formation" with the name only of our former seminary.

Whatever you do, don't try to wait awhile to "see how things run" before making, sir, start the spike in unemployment from day one, scorched earth, sweep with a heavy broom. Follow up with Napalm and air strikes of holy water if necessary.

This place has 30 years of progressive trash to clean out, and its going to be a big job for whoever comes here.

Yours in Christ,

--Cpt Tom

Kasia said...

I miss Ma Beck too... :-(

Anonymous said...

Noooooo! I don't want to share!!!

Kit said...

Tough Twinkies Tara! (You can have him back for vacations and stuff, and you can come visit here anytime you want!)


P.S. Re: the Twinkie thing. 2 months and still only about 16 lbs into the South Beach/quasi diabetic diet...the Beloved and I were at a convenience store, saw the Hostess display, and gave each other a hard, knowing stare...he's the Twinkie man, I'm more the Cupcake sort. But we mastered ourselves and settled on the milk and sugar-free hazelnut coffee stuff we stopped for in the first place.

Family wedding is this weekend - woo hoo! Then we can cheat.

Anonymous said...

Only vacations and stuff, I shudder at the thought. I'll just have to distract my thoughts...mmmmmm...Twinkies!

BTW # 8, I will pray a few extra Rosary's, you would make the best mom!

Kit said...

Thanks Tara! ((hugs))