Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rainy Sunday Randomness

I admit it: where computers are concerned, I'm pretty much hopeless when it comes to much more than basic word processing and minor photo-fixing (red eye reduction, etc. ) despite all the easy programs for such things.

It really is a pity, as I've gotten all sorts of interesting video moments courtesy of Digi's fabulous recommendation of the Flip Mino, but because I lack talent, and as I've pledged not to put the older ones' faces on the blog (and soon will not post any more baby pics) for purposes of their privacy and safety, here's a quick look at our gorgeous local scenery, just a few minutes away from our summer retreat spot on Seneca Lake.

And a shamelessly adorable shot of the Boy enjoying the best of the lake breeze:

[removed by request of family-sorry!]


Kit Brookside said...

Not sure why the bottom one is so pixel-y....or why it took Blogger 25 minutes to upload a 40-second video...or why it's 41MB, for that matter. The picture/video quality here does not do justice to how great the Mino really is.

See what I mean? I have no clue about this stuff. I am a 40 y/o dinosaur.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Oh man, you have rain? I want some rain!

The Boy is shamelessly adorable!

Kit Brookside said...

Just enough rain to save me from watering for the next day or two, and to scare the crap outta the Golden Retard (one huge thunderclap).

And thanks - he is so darn cute, and so much fun...almost too good to be true.