Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guilt by chocolate

I have sinned against South Beach. I ate part of a large Special Dark bar last night. It was good. I'd do it again. Who are we kidding...I will do it again. There's a few big squares left.

Just thought I'd share.

The info. Not the chocolate.


Adrienne said...

It's ok not to share. I'm low carbing and did exactly the same thing on Sunday night. Same ol' dark chocolate but not too much.... so I have my own - so there! LOL

Anonymous said...

There's a few big squares left!? Oh my, you are a much stronger woman than I. Something about chocolate in the house, the sweet, smooth, decadant mouth feel--a true addictive substance.

a thorn in the pew said...

I had to pick up cake at bakery for child's bday. I bought cookies. I ate 2. WIll this involve a trip to "the box" on Sunday?

eulogos said...

Just a comment about South Beach. It worked for me while I was doing it, but the first two weeks with no milk products wound up giving me a terrible case of lactose intolerance. Apparently our bodies go on making lactase as long as some lactose is presented to them. But once there is an interval of time with no lactose the machinery shuts down for ever. I didn't cheat at all the first two weeks; my teenaged daughter was cooking for me and I couldn't disappoint her. I lost weight, which I have since regained; and now I have to take Dairy Ease with every meal and snack. You have no idea the number of things which have skim milk powder or whey powder in them!.
Susan Peterson