Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Potomac Primaries

Slight rant. I have spoken and emailed with five friends and family members in the last day or two - some far more conservative than I am, others not, who all claim to be conservatives (whether Republican, Libertarian, or Independent). ALL FIVE are vowing to stay home on election day because they "just can't support McCain."

Is he really a worse prospect than Hillary or Obama?

By not voting at all (self-disenfranchising, I call it), they may as well be voting for the Democrats whose views they despise even more than what shortcomings McCain has.

Am I missing something? Does no one remember the hanging chads and recounts from 8 years ago?

Don't let it happen! VOTE for what you believe in.

I saved these emails, and oh yeah, the minute I get a whiny complain-mail from any of them if/when the Democratic candidate is elected, I'm sending it back to them.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Even I vote; I do so tacticly, voting for the lesser evil to try and keep the greater evil out.
It's depressing...but that's politics.

And Please God and America-DON'T give us Obama! I think I could (just about) cope with little Ms Clinton better than him!

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, I've been following politics from a very young age ... and NEVER have I been filled with such disgust as this year. The candidate I wanted, Hunter...was the PERFECT candidate on every single issue for me. But he had to drop out early for lack of money. Freakin' primary has been EARLIER this year than ever in Feb. and I didn't even get to vote for whom I wanted. That fricken McCain and his campaign finance reform BS absolutely screwed the pooch for anyone without George Soros backing (which is who is bankrolling that bastard) has. I hate Hitlery and Obama is a Mnslim liberal charlatan. I despise each and every one of them I may have to vote for that bastard McCain, but believe me, it will not be without me wishing and praying for a coup d'eta 20 seconds after the inauguration. No matter which party wins. I see the best option as asteroids hitting both convention centers.

McPain IS that bad. I can think of NO republican LESS deserving. Check Ann Coulter for a litany of why this guy is a ba$stard. I don't have the energy to go into it. He stinks to high heaven. ALL we will hear about once he has the nomination sewn up is "Keating Five." And don't think those ****ers in the Mass media have "forgotten" about this.


KitBrookside said...

Oh, I hear ya Karen -- like I've said, I am not a McCain fan at all, and I DO know and like Duncan Hunter (I used to work with his brother in law, Steve Kane...and his USMC officer son is simply delicious in his dress blues! LOL!). If he had more name recognition, I have a feeling McCain would snap him up as a running mate because he is tough on the issues McCain is wishy-washy on. Wishful thinking.

I am just afraid that if no one shows up to vote for our side, we are handing our country over to the enemy within. Dems are showing up to vote in primaries 2-1 over Republicans, which is already scaring me. This is looking a lot like '92, another election that is going to be thrown by independents and undecideds, but without a Perot to blame. In a way, I hope Hillary gets the nom, because she is a polarizing figure, and people hate her enough to vote against her on principle. And you're right - in that case it will be Whitewater vs. S&L crisis....we will be choosing the lesser of two weasels. On the other hand, if she does get the nom, AND she is smart enough to overlook campaign rhetoric, she will have it nailed if she picks Barack as her VP.

If Barack gets the nom, I believe that he will win in November - he will get that "X" factor vote (ind./und.) because "change" is his slogan, and that's what that segment is looking for. Then we will really be in trouble. All form, no substance, no experience, foot baths in all public restrooms. All we can hope for is that he picks a decent VP candidate in case the worst happens. Hillary's ego tells me it won't be her, and if Barack is smart, he won't dare to ask...or he may well be added to the list of those Clinton acquaintances who meet with a mysterious and untimely demise.

Speaking of ugly truths...I always think back with sadness on Colin Powell refusing the VP slot back in '96, and an interview with his wife, (whose depression was blamed) but she said "I don't want my husband to be a president's life insurance policy." There's enough crazy in this country that worries me in THAT regard as well. If we are attacked as a result of a retreat in the Middle East, Barack will be a marked man among the fringe McVeigh-types out there. If he is killed (or even if someone tries) we will then have a full-on race war within the country.

In sum, I really, truly fear for our country if we don't elect a Republican president. So despite the candidate NOT being best suited to my taste...I will VOTE, and it will be for him.