Sunday, February 10, 2008

"We are sinners"

Well, the first Sunday of Lent and already I am falling short of my own expectations...

However, I do find encouragement with the Little Professor, age 10. As we were rushing out for the late Mass today, she stopped dead in her tracks and said "I forgot something...don't leave!!!" She came down with a few crumpled-up dollars in her fist and we asked what it was for. "Oh, it's just some of my money. I don't need it." Exactly $2.50. Her .$50/day ice cream or cookie lunch snack habit that we 1) did not know she had, and 2) gave up without saying a word about it. When I suggested we grab dinner on the way home, she was horrified, because I'd suggested that dining out might be one of the things we forego as a family. Bad Mommy!

Meanwhile, the eldest was kicking herself for eating a hamburger on her ski trip on Friday, the beloved was smirking in shame for having his "girly" flavored creamer in his coffee and work, and I....have managed to do one or the other of my 40 minute exercises, but not both. And I ate some verboten stuff because I just flat-out forgot myself.

Like I always tell myself, it's all about practicing. The 10 year old is my own little Therese in so many ways.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

That was lovely.
God bless her and you (and I've been having a word with St Catherine and her mum about you)

Kelly said...

Isn't it great when we can look to our children for inspirataion? On days like that I definitely feel that I have done something right!

Angela M. said...

Your daughters are proof you are doing it right.

the mother of this lot said...

Sorry about this Kit, but you've been tagged!

KitBrookside said...

Thanks WSNS...we are hoping she's on our side as we start trying again. (Month one is a no-go.)

Kelly and AM...thanks! We do all we can to "teach without preaching" (much!) and are so humbled and gratified when we have these "small" moments with the girls that reveal such big things about them. I pray all the time that they will keep up the good work(s) on their own as they grow older. We are heading into "those years" faster than I can bear to watch.

Mother - I am woefully behind, but I thank you!