Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fatima Reveille (LOL!!!)

Gotta love the classics.

Bl. Lucia, Francisco, Jacinta

Oh, that nutty 10 year old...we were chatting about baby and childhood memories last weekend and the subject of her "apparition" phase came up. (For about a 3-4 month stretch on the 13th during 1st grade, and then again on October 13th, she "appeared" in doorways, with a solemn face and blue veil) This morning, we had an encore. She sidled in, with the original blue veil, and was giggling and snorting. "I know it's not the 13th (snicker) but PRAY THE ROSARY! See ya!" and off she went.

Miracle of the Sun

Seems she spent quite some time looking for her blue veil, and found it late last night.

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Ma Beck said...

I LOVE this kid - she sounds like a hoot!