Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Dear To My Heart

Just found this old VHS tape in the attic...this is a wonderful and hard-to-find old Disney movie - you can get the DVD on Amazon from 3rd parties, which I am doing today. It's a mixed live-animation movie about a boy raising a black sheep set at the turn of the century, rural Ohio - with strong Christian themes. The opening theme song (written by Mel Torme) and anmiation of old-fashioned postcards and Victorian decoupage revealing the credits alone is masterful. Highly recommended by Kit & Kittens!

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gemoftheocean said...

Nice! Disney is so irritating in that there were a number of VHS tapes made primarily as RENTALS and sold to rental stores and not to general shops. The one about the Vienna Choir boys is another such delightful story.

There were a lot of things made for the Disney show for Television that never made it to tape release at all. I wish they'd pull some of these classics out of the vault.