Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day!

[Update: Crap!!!]

Shout-out to Ma Beck...

3/31/08: Cubs v. Brewers, 1:20 PM WT (that's Wrigley Time)

GO CUBS GO ! ! !
The Boy after his first pilgrimmage to Wrigley 8-07


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Go Cubs Go. Go to last place. Yaaaaaaaaaay, Dodgers! (LOL). (I don't watch sports but had to exercise my smart aleckness).

KitBrookside said...

AA: I am shocked and appalled...SHAME ON YOU!!!

Listen, no one can dislike the Cubs. It's not like we're out there harming anyone or dashing their playoff hopes more than once a decade or so. We are looking at "99 years of misery" here, as one smart-aleckier-than-thou pundit put it on tv today.

At least OUR team has managed to stay in one place all this time...


Ma Beck said...

As a good friend of mine at work says in all seriousness every single time any sports team from Chicago (except the Sox) begins its season: "THIS IS THE YEAR, BAYBEEEEE!"

Ma Beck said...


It was a fantastic game except for the end.

Kerry Wood needs to look in the classifieds, cause this "closer" thing is not working out.

But Fukudome was AWESOME and the rest of the team looked good.
Zambrano was on fire, he didn't deserve to lose that game.

KitBrookside said...

Oh Ma...the pain!!! It was a good game, though. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I sat in my little military townhouse in San Diego watching Kerry Wood pitch that 20-K game. I've always liked him, as banged up as he's been all these years. And he's a one-team guy, which earns him major points.