Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How the mighty have fallen

Went out to dinner with our dear friends the County Election Commissioner (godmother to the boy) and her beloved husband/our local State Assemblyman (R). Opening statements/chat over cocktails:
Me: [almost innocently] So, T--, how's your week been?
T--: [smirking] Oh, y'know, busy....and I'm pretty tired. From smiling so much.
All: [LOL!!!!!!!! Bartender , patrons, and restaurant owner included]
(Good stuff!)
Dinner and after-dinner were GREAT fun!
Credit due -- he did the right thing and resigned this afternoon - 3-12-08 - and even said what I do below:
"To whom much is given, much is expected..."

Eliot Spitzer (a.k.a., The Luv Guv)

While the Demo-crites in this state and elsewhere can beseech the public to forgive him all they want ("after all, his wife is standing by him...[blah blah blah]") the bottom line is this: Eliot Spitzer is not just some hubris-stricken politician caught with his pants down (in a bathroom stall or elsewhere, in the Oval Office in a consensual encounter, whatever). He must be held to a higher standard. He is a licensed attorney, former District Attorney and NY State Attorney General who built his reputation on going after, among other things, organized prostitution, with special attention to thowing the book at the women involved and seeking harsh sentences to prove how tough on crime he is. Not only did he engage in the crime of solicitation, he was arrogant enough to do it across state lines, thereby committing both State and Federal offenses. This is not a stupid man. Just one who, born to privilege and driven to power, fully believed himself to be above the very law he is sworn to uphold.

Link to the 55 page indictment...see "Client 9" references: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/nys/pressreleases/March08/emperorsclubcomplaintredacted.pdf

No quarter.

He needs to resign. Yesterday. My friend/local State Assemblyman and his fellow Republican Assemblymen have kindly allowed him 48 hours before the impeachment process begins. Generous.

Interesting how he and his party exposed, excoriated, and otherwise attacked the ethics of Jeannine Pirro, a former opponent of his, for soliciting the services of a private investigator to follow and record her cheating husband in the act. Hmmmm....didst he protest too much?


Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly this morning was saying he actually thought this strange little man wanted to be caught. Umm. Why?
He should resign, but he wont and I wonder if he will be pushed(?).
I remember the Pirro case too and wondered why he was so against what she did; the husband WAS cheating on her wasn't he?
Sad state of affairs.

(I've awarded you Kit on TLNT)

the mother of this lot said...

Why do they do it? They must know they're going to get found out in the end.

KitBrookside said...

Who knows? There's no good reason beyond some sort of need for power. ("I can get it when and how and where I want it" without having to deal with the complications and intimacies of a regular relationship.) It seems so gratuitous. Especially the high profile types. Hugh Grant comes to mind from years back - that one never made sense to me either, when he was a young, hot thing with an equally gorgeous girlfriend...why go for a streetwalker in a bad neighborhood in LA? Boredom?

Oh well. One of those Y chromosome things, I guess.

Marie said...

Men like Eliot Spitzer become so powerful that they believe themselves to be invincible and that is their downfall. They think they are too smart to be caught...I feel sorry for the wife and who is anyone to try and blame the wife for not meeting her husbands er 'needs'!(Some talk show doctor said it?)

What is that old saying 'absolute power corrupts, absolutely?'It sure does!

Men and women who cheat on their spouse need to understand one crucial aspect..They are also cheating and lying to their children..Infidelity and divorce can tear a childs life to pieces..Parents get over it, but the children dont.

Good points thanks Kit:)

Peace to you:)


KitBrookside said...

Hi and welcome Marie!

I agree with you - kids are far too often the true casualties in these situations. The call girl in this case is only a few years older than Spitzer's oldest daughter. Imagine how disgusted and heartsick his poor girls must feel over all of this. And his wife...she looked so shell-shocked. We shall see what Monday brings.

Again, welcome, and stop by anytime!

Thanks for the award, Shel!

swissmiss said...

The idea that his daughter is about the age of the call girl is bad, but that he has such disregard for someone else's daughter and obviously saw himself as invincible is disgusting.