Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here we go again.

"Father" Joan, she of the Nativity scene t-shirt proclaiming "it's a girl" and the female-Corpus bearing crucifix, longtime trad-busting favorite of Bishop Clark, is making it known who's in charge at St. Anne's in Rochester:

Mark your calendar for September 14
[Read: "All Hail Father Joan!"]

On Sunday September 14, Bishop
Clark will come to our cluster to pray with
us as we move into this still-new way of
["Being" what? Schismatic? Heretical? Or just plain WRONG?]
and to install me officially as the
pastoral leader
of the cluster.
[Emphasis/inflation added, as if she needs it - and just what the hell is a "pastoral leader" anyway?]
Since January 2008-even before
we knew who our pastoral leader would be,
[oh, methinks SOMEONE knew very well...]
a joint sub-committee of our councils
already began its work. When you see
them, please say thank you to...
[names omitted - forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.]
Father Leone [the cluster's ordained "other"/male priest, now relegated to the position of "sacramental minister"]
sat on the committee early on. Later, I replaced him.
[LOL!!! Of course you did, dear...of course you did....].
I especially love the suggestion at the end...

Your ideas for developing our parishes even more deeply as true communities are welcome! [so long as they don't conflict with your agenda, of course!]
Here's mine: why don't you cut short your ego trip and not BURY these parishes even more deeply than you already have just by showing up?
Think I'm overreacting or being mean? Read this. (H/T: Dr. K.)
The profundity of my disgust ever deepens.
Once again, Rich at Ten Reasons lifts the ROCk so we can see all the squirmy things beneath...


Kasia said...

Why is someone who makes no bones about wanting to be ordained a priest being put in charge of a parish cluster?

Even if there aren't enough priests, don't you guys have a few deacons who could be made administrators? I know in our diocese there's at least one parish that's administered by a deacon...

Kit said...

Well, of course I'm with you; but as someone pointed out on another blog (I can't remember which, so I paraphrase here), "St. Therese wanted to be a priest too, so is there really anything wrong with Sr. Joan saying that?" To which another person pointed out, "Yeah, when she was a KID." A basic but vital distinction.

[Fr.] Joan is defective in character and (imo) vocation, because she cannot and never has been able to subject herself to the will of anyone (much less God) whose views do not squarely fit with hers. She is 68 years old and has been acting like a priest for years and gotten away with it because we have a permissive liberal sympathizer as Bishop. I saw her "concelebrate" and deliver a homily once myself when I first moved here in 2004 and was horrified.

So to those who say there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a priest, well, on its face, no. There isn't. I'd love to be a concert pianist or a medal-winning athlete, but the difference is that I KNOW AND ACCEPT the gifts I've been given - who and what I am, and am not. For purposes of charity, I have and will pray to the Holy Spirit to help her release her hubris, repent for all the damage and desecrations she's done, and make reparation to people like the young aspiring seminarian who fled St. Anne's (see Dr. K's link at bottom of original post)

Not enough deacons to cover the clusters, btw.

gemoftheocean said...

for SURE not a "Kodak moment!"


swissmiss said...

Sounds like Sr. Joan would give those 12 year olds that your daughter is dealing with a run for their money. Doesn't seem she ever matured enough to see there is a world and creator outside herself.

Angela M. said...

She's 68 kidding. I just keep repeating to myself that Jesus PROMISED the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. In about 25 years all these kookoo sisters should be dead and we can move on.

Angela M. said...

Is that "cluster" or "coven"?!