Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flippin' Yankees!

Ok. As I mentioned a few days ago, we did a charter bus trip to NYC to see the Friday 7:05 game. Left at 11:30 am on a gorgeous, sunny summer day. Horrible accidents and construction in the Poconos, so we ended up going most of the way on local roads, and thus our 4 hour trip turned into 6.5 hours. We hit the city right about 5:15 pm on a Friday. The view from the GW bridge was....lengthy. But hey, kids are watching movies, we had plenty of snacks, and we muddled through.

The bus parks 6 blocks from the stadium in Lot #11...we get off, and after walking about 50 yards from the bus, the sky rips open with thunder, lightening, and about 2" of downpour in a little over an hour. We are soaked, but with no end in sight, we decided to pay $5 apiece for plastic baggie rain ponchos about halfway to the entrance. We make it in, get some food.... Sabretts in the stadium. Should've gotten one outside. Sigh. Note to self for next time. After all of this trauma, the storm raged on. The thought of a rainout and having to get back on that bus, our $300 wasted, made me sick. So I had a few $9 beers to prepare myself for the inevitable.

But the baseball gods smiled on us, the game started shortly before 9 pm, and the Boy (and his sisters, of course) got to see a game at the soon-to-be demolished Yankee Stadium. After seeing the leaking roofs and rusty beams, I can understand why, but still...

The new stadium across the street looks like it will be pretty cool.

Anyway, the score was tied in the 9th. I was dreading the thought of extra innings, given the 4 hour trip home. Thanks to a wild pitch, the Royals scored (bases loaded, stolen home), and the Yankees lost at 11:59 pm. That's okay with me, because I kept scanning the scoreboard and the CUBS WON after coming from behind.

Then there's the trip back, which got underway at about 12:30. We schlepped back to the bus in RAIN FREE weather, walk up the steps...and practically get knocked back outside by the stench of the broken and raw-sewage-leaking bus bathroom. Our seats were in the row just ahead of the rear. Dear Lord. Fortunately, we were so exhausted, we fell asleep until just a few minutes before we got home. At 4:59 am. The Beloved had to work at 7:00. Oy!

Yesterday was a "lost day" - we all slept in, and no one got out of their jammies until just before Mass today. I am still exhausted.

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend!


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Kit, that trip was the Bataan Death March to the Bronx!

And no Sabrett's!

gemoftheocean said...

The Yankees made a nun sit up in nosebleed?! If Joe Torre's sister had known about it she'd have had a fit. "No WONDER the Yankees lost...."