Friday, August 29, 2008

Moose Stew

The favorite dish of Gov. Sarah Palin, the new crush of my Beloved and oh so many of my favorite man-bloggers...

If I ate that at night, can you imagine what I might dream about next?

But I digress...I am stoked about Gov. Palin's candidacy - good job, Sen. McCain!

(Image shamelessly stolen from Fr. Erik- another Sarah fan)


Mark in Spokane said...

Hi, Kit. Great comment about Palin. She is definitely a great pick for McCain.

Adriene from Adriene's Catholic Corner suggested I introduce myself. I'm Mark in Spokane, a law and faith blogger from, well, Spokane, Washington! Feel free to stop by and visit my blog. God bless and take care!

Kit said...

Welcome to the neighborhood Mark! Thanks for stopping by - always great to meet up with a fellow traveller, and you're welcome any time. Can't promise anything more than mildly amusing, but we do have some fun around here. Be sure to stop over at Digihairshirt's blog, too - or my CA soul sista, as I have been known to call her.


Lee Strong said...

Speaking as a former Huckabee supporter (and local campaign worker), I'm excited.

Too bad she's not Catholic to help offset the "pro-choice Catholic" on the othr ticket.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Well, she was baptized Catholic...but unfortunately not raised in the Faith