Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In, then back out

Well, we made it home last night after 11 hours in the car with a very nicely behaved baby, who (along with his carseat) acted as a perfect buffer to two slightly cranky female children.

Sadly, I must do a little [- gulp -] WORK tomorrow, then on Friday we are off to NYC to do something I've never done...a game at Yankee Stadium with the Beloved and crew. One of those things that must happen before the stadium is wrecked and replaced after this season. I've gotta get a picture of the Beloved and the Boy standing out front of the stadium for the sake of posterity.

It's almost as good for a Boy as going to Wrigley with his Mamma.


P.S. I just realized something else - this will also mark my first venture into the Bronx, oddly enough - I think I've driven through and/or at least flown out of every other borough. Digi, I will chow down on a dog and hoist a cold adult beverage in your honor.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Okay, just be careful on the Major Deeagn, since I assume you are coming from the North. Or are you taking the train into town, then going uptown on the IND line to 161st Street? If you do, honor me by taking the 'D" train - whenever someone says, "Where'cha grow up in the Bronx?" I tell 'em, "Last stop on the 'D' train!"

Oh, and the hot dog's gotta be a Sabrett's, aka "dirty water dog."

LarryD said...

Two things, Kit:

1) Welcome back - glad you made it home safely.

2) Have a safe trip!

Kasia said...

Ooh, I think we took the D train to Yankee Stadium for the Papal Mass...

Be sure to cross yourself at Yankee Stadium - remember, Papa was there! :-)

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, have a great time. Don't forget to take pics of the girls in front Yankee Stadium too. Otherwise years from now they'll say "how the **** come I wasn't in the picture, you must have left me at home."

[Years ago when a best friend's 1st boy was getting baptised, cranky older 4 year old sister was pouting and refusing to be in any pictures of the event. Guess who now complains that she wasn't in the photos....]