Tuesday, January 29, 2008


To WhiteStoneNameSeeker and Mother's Pride for the "Excellent" award! It has been so fun getting to know everyone these past few months. I still have much to learn (like how to link within posts, for one thing...) but in the meantime, I shall bestow my 10 awards as follows (links are at the sidebar!)

1. Digital Hairshirt - my soul sister on the SoCal lawyer scene, who has such a great sense of humor and excellent taste in obscure music

2. That Gem of a Karen at Gem of the Ocean - for introducing me to so many of you, and for pretty much all of her stated personal convictions, which I share

3. Ma Beck - shares the baby road and lives in the Homeland (Chicagoland). Is it Portillo's or the original Billy Goat?

4. Dymphna at Dymphna's Road - always interesting, her depth and soulfulness exude from the
screen (and I love the thought of her at Mass in her red veil!)

5. A Thorn in the Pew - her intentions are in my prayers

6. Fr. R. at Orthometer - funny, in that 40 days in the [Utah] desert kind of dry way that is rare and AWESOME

7. Fr. F. at Bonfire of the Vanities - I wish he and his homilies were closer than Piqua...

8. Adrienne's Catholic Corner - for her work in RCIA, her educational and insightful posts are great, and she's nice as heck! (Italy WILL be on the itinerary, I promise!)

9. Kelly at Answering the Call - she is in RCIA and on her way home. She is really working hard and deserves this - and as much prayer and encouragement support as you can send her way

10. The heavenly Angela Messenger - so loving and kind and thoughtful to all.

11. (OK, had to run over) The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen. You don't have to like it, you don't have to agree with all you see, but you will laugh. Besides, I have a tender spot for my Marines, especially the naughty ones who nevertheless lead upright lives. Semper Fi, Cavey!


Adrienne said...

Wow, Thanks. But really - you shouldn't be telling folks I'm nice. What will Tony (Soprano), cousin Vinnie, and the rest of the paisno think??

And my office cat, Erica, won't think I'm very nice if she rubs her stupid head on my escape key one more time. Kaboom!!!

KitBrookside said...

Wow! We ARE twins! You have an office kitty too? Being in college town, there are so many strays, we adopted one from the streets, as did my colleague's wife, a doc, whose office is 2 doors down. (Fortunately, she's not an allergist)

DigiHairshirt said...


My paralegal was HOWLING at your story about "Fowler" - she used to work in Riverside Superior as a clerk and is well aware that things like that really do happen!

Thank you for your shout out. I try to get serious now and then, but levity is what makes lawyers keep their sanity. Yesterday, I was in court with a client who was - very, very falsely - accused of being abusive. Opposing party has made statements that she is going to "write a book" and tell the world about how the courts rewards abusers. I shared with him some of black humor of lawyers (and judges!) and he thought we were nuts.

(Let me know if you want to hear the jokes)

KitBrookside said...

Digi - of COURSE I wanna hear the jokes! I have alternating periods of hate and love with the law (usually the former when I have procrastinated on some magnum opus of a summary judgment oppo or am otherwise up against discovery deadlines for the same reason) But then you run across the one-armed men and Fowlers of the world and it doesn't get any better. Ya can't make this stuff up! My beloved, ever the civil servant, worked at 911 in San Diego right after he retired and was back in school. Oh, the good stuff...the [extraterrestrial] aliens, the knife wielding crackheads...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just added you to my links..great blog..

Angela M. said...

Awwww! Thanks!

Kelly said...

Thank you, Kit. It is no wonder you got an excellence award. Good stories and you have got the hang of pictures, avtars, and all kinds of goodies. One of these days I'll have time to figure that out :)

gemoftheocean said...

Hey Kit, thanks for the award. I knew once you and digi hooked up you'd get on like a house on fire.

To do a link within a post. You go to url of the link you want to link into your post. You hover your mouse over the link (like the particular item in someone's blog) and you hit the right mouse. You select "Copy link location" Then you go back to where you are composing your blog enry, and highlight the text you want to link. Then when the box pops up, hit backspace (to wipe out that htt etc) then do a cntrl-V to paste the link in. Hit enter and voila.

If you have a tab up with the URL in the URL line you can also highlight that and hit "ctrl-C" to copy it, then do the other steps.


KitBrookside said...

Brain. On. Fire. And how do you make a WORD a link as opposed to the copy/paste whole address kind? Rename the link? See, I am challenged. I will try...

gemoftheocean said...

Just highlight a single word. It's really not that hard.

you know now to copy a link location right? Either over an existing link (like a blog entry title) right click select "copy link location" -- it does it FOR you. Or if you're on a page that has the URL you want -- then hit ctrl+c -- which also copies.

#2 then go highlight the text you want to have the link to...hit ctrl+shift+a -- which brings up a little window--hit backspace to knock out the http:// that's there, and then press ctrl-V (paste)

Hit enter, done.

copy this note, put it into a word doc and save it entitled "how2createLinkInBlog" or something else equally clever so you can find it again. Then just do it a few times. Easy.

KitBrookside said...

Ok. Baby steps. Taking cleansing breaths. Will come up with something to link about soon...