Friday, January 18, 2008

On the road again

Tomorrow I will be the person everyone hates...on a plane, with the plague, and the coup de grace...a BABY! Off to the homeland (Chicago) for a family event, just me and the wee one, as he is a free lap-rat passenger. As previously mentioned, I now dread flying (which I used to love, pre-children) but strangely, this trip doesn't seem to be freaking me out yet. Probably because the older ones will remember me if I go down in flames, and the little one will be with me. Kinda sick logic, but so far, so good. A little DayQuil, a few airplane-size bottles of hooch and some baby Benadryl in a dropper and I will be golden...

Say a prayer and wish me luck!


Ma Beck said...

We'll be like two ships passing in the night - I fly out of Chicago for FL at 10:30 AM.
Look for me waving - I'll be on the Southwest plane, also with a lap-rat.


(I love flying Southwest with a baby - you board first so you get to pick your seat first, and then NO ONE wants to sit beside you! It rocks!)

Have fun in Chicago. Hope you get to go to St. John Cantius.

KitBrookside said...

LOL, Ma! I've already Mapquested St. John Cantius (about 30-40 min. from the Northwest suburbs, traffic willing) and will be stealing Mom's car tomorrow! :)

Have a great time in FL!