Saturday, January 12, 2008

St. Maria Goretti - Patron of Teens and Purity

It's a cold, crummy day here...perfect movie day! My eldest was confirmed in November, and she took "Maria" as her Confirmation name in honor of her favorite Saint.* I bought a biopic (Italian, with English dubbed in) on Maria from Ignatius Press as one of her gifts, but it did not make it in time, so I saved it for Christmas. We finally cracked it out this morning and watched it.
While not really historically accurate in terms of Maria's passion, the film was nicely done, shot on or near the actual location, and compelling enough for Little Miss 13-going-on 35 to watch -- and weep -- with great interest. After we watched it, she told me about all the missing info, the miracles, and the fact that her murderer and her mother sat side by side at her canonization in 1950. (I forgot she did a research paper in her regular school religion class at the same time we were going through the Confirmation process.)
I have often thought that St. Maria Goretti merits her own devotional scapular, as she was stabbed while protecting her virginity and actually died looking at a painting of the Blessed Mother on her hospital room wall...
OK, I won't give any more away if you have never heard of or read the life of this brave young Saint. 0:-)
*See combox for uncharitable Confirmation info

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KitBrookside said...

* My thoughts and comments on watching Bishop Clark laying hands on my child are hereby reserved to aid in the salvation of my soul... Gentle reader, as an indication of the state of this Diocese and the quality of RE/formation and those laypersons who are employed, full time, to administer same to parish clusters: when my daughter told the Director of RE her chosen patron saint's name (which is no longer a requirement - they were told they can pick any name they want, apparently), the response was "Who's that?!?" And this woman is paid by three parishes to work with our kids and supervise the teenagers in the Youth group. GAAAHHH!!!! Moreover, the "relgion" teacher at the "Catholic" school where I pay them to be able to discuss unpopular topics like God and morality, gave the kid an A+ on this paper and thanked her for "introducing" her to this Saint. Same lady who, when I asked if she would be incorporating any "Theology of the Body" in her discussions about sacraments, purity, chastity, etc., looked at me like I was nuts and said "oh, they learn about their bodies in Science class later on this year..." No clue what I was talking about. At all. Thanks DOR for spending my money so wisely.