Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goofy stuff

UPDATE: The girls wanted in on it, too...enjoy!
My oldest and I had fun over the weekend making up avatars for the family on yahoo.com and meez.com - I made one for each aspect of my everyday life (see sidebar). It's so like me...if I ever get around to adding some collagen in the lips and regaining my formerly visible waistline. Oh well. Silly but fun.


the mother of this lot said...

Hey - that's exactly how I pictured you! I left you an award - come and collect it!

DigiHairshirt said...

I love your avatars! I could be that one in court if you added 30 pounds and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses!

KitBrookside said...

Oh. Yes. Well. I hear ya. Ummmm.... I definitely could be "thicker" as well, but fortunately, they did not have a thunder thigh or cankle accessory to add on to the package, so I am thus limited. (I don't really have cankles, honest. Give it time...) ;-)