Friday, January 11, 2008

Jane alert!

Starting January 13th, PBS' Masterpiece Theatre will begin showing adaptations of each of her major novels, plus a biography special...always good girl-night fodder at our house.

I have been a Jane Austen fan since reading Sense & Sensibility the summer after 7th grade, way before it was "cool" (i.e., a good 15 years before Colin Firth came out of that pond in his wet shirt...). Not a rabid JASNA member, Jane-ite or vitriolic scholar type, just an ardent admirer. I have read everything there is -- Juvenilia, letters, biographies, etc., and of course have watched the numerous adaptations of each novel. Her work was/is to me what JK Rowling's is to this generation, I suppose. I keep a copy of Pride & Prejudice in my nightstand, as my 35 year old Steiff teddy bear is a bit more fragile (she's on top of the armoire keeping an eye on me from afar, however). Call it my literary blankie.

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