Sunday, January 6, 2008


Another one of those awesome days of Christmas...and I am spending it working on the seasons greeting card/letter that I never got around to completing from Thanksgiving (I bought Thanksgiving cards, even!) on through Advent, Christmas, and the New Year. (*blush*). Lucky recipients of the snail mail version of this missive and pictorial will also receive the OTHER greeting I did not send out....the birth announcements for the 8 month old baby. (*eyes smashed shut with shame*). I figure this will be my last best symbolic way of presenting the boy and catching people up on what's been going on with us all in one festive shot. Bonus: holiday stationery will undoubtedly be on sale...

I used to be really good about these things, honestly, when the kids were younger (which seems odd, because the older two are far more self-sufficient now -- you'd think I'd have more time to sit down and get stuff out). Cards were always done and out the first week of December, cute kid pics enclosed, etc. Last year, I gave myself a bye -- I was high-risky-pregnant, working 3 jobs (teaching, law office, and freelancing for the journal), the dh was working overseas until 2 weeks before I had the boy, so I felt entitled to skip it and put my feet up. This year -- just the law job, took the semester off, and stopped writing until further notice. No excuses other than my own inertia. Ahhh well.

It has been a great year, lots to be thankful for (hence the Thanksgiving cards that are still sitting in my library), and those who know and care will understand. Maybe if we get REALLY lucky, we'll have a reason to send out the Thanksgiving cards next year? :)

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