Thursday, October 23, 2008

All things being equal?

The presidential election polls are contracting again...or are they? Did the gap between the candidates really ever get as wide/BO get as far ahead as claimed in the last few weeks? I have absolutely no faith in the reportage on the election, and none in the polling process because I think it's easy to choose who you call as a pollster.

I've never been polled, have you?

And here's a chilling thought. If the polls are indeed skewed in favor of BO, and then reality strikes on the 4th and he loses, the leftists will go NUTS and claim that the Republicans stole the election yet again, and all that nonsense. James Carville (not one of my favorite pundits) intimated last week that there could be violence and rioting if BO doesn't win. I don't like him much, but I have to admit that on this point, I agree with him.

I'm really not looking forward to November 4th and its aftermath, no matter who wins. All we can do is pray for the right outcome. I'm joining the Ignorant Redneck in his proposed 3 days of fasting and prayer prior to the election - I hope some of you will consider doing the same!


gemoftheocean said...

I was exit polled in the 1984 ticket. I used to be able to walk to the polls in those days. [It feels "righteous" to walk to the polls if you can.] Straight republican ticket. IT was my 3rd presidential election then. We KNEW "landslide" but even I was surprised at how quick they called it for Reagan, virtually as soon as the polls closed.

Gary Trudeau was sick about it for weeks. I can remember he had a character [demo] sitting at a bar, deep in his beer whining along the lines "Gay kangaroos 85% the gipper....One legged eskimos 100% Reagan ... latina Gangbangers 67% Reagan.... Charlie, get me another beer...."

One of the FEW times I've found Dunesberry funny!

One fear I have is "push polls" and a lot of repubs. (and others) will say "I'm voting for Nobama" because : 1) they don't want to argue, they don't want to be seen as racists...for a thousand reasons, if even 20% do this it can throw polls of and end up discouraging people from going to the polls...look what happened in 2000 in Floriduh, people in the panhandle LITERALLY walked out of line when the Lamestreme pressed called it before the polls closed in Floriduh for Bore. My take, vote like the polls don't exist, because the only poll that counts is the one taken on election day.


Dr. K said...
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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

never been polled, but I'm with you in the fasting and prayer.

Kasia said...

I've been phone polled twice.

The first time was in 2004 - a phone exit poll, basically. The guy asked me if I'd voted. I said yes. He asked for whom. I, shocked, said "It's a secret ballot!" He hung up.

The second time was just a few months ago. I first got a phone call with a recording that asked me to answer a couple of questions via the keypad. I figured it was pretty innocuous, and besides, how could I complain that the polls weren't accurate if I refused to participate? Then I got a follow-up call five minutes later that, like Dr. K's, took about 10 minutes.

Oh - and I used to be on the Zogby panel. But that's pretty messed up right there, b/c they're not even random samples.

swissmiss said...

We get lots of calls to answer a phone poll, but never any outside after voting.

Our homeschool group is praying and fasting, saying novenas and chaplets. Same with my bible study group...they are doing the patriot rosary and I have the State of Oregon. It's errors are now potentially spreading to Washington State with an assisted suicide bill on the ballot. Hard to believe all the &*%$ that it happening this year!

mum6kids said...

I am praying every day Kit, that your lot over the pond elect the right man.
You really do not want to end up like us lot over this side of the pond. Really, you don't.

ignorant redneck said...

Fatima Ali, a columnist (maybe a 5th columnist!) for the Philly Weekly News has been threatening race and class war since mid-summer should Obama lose. and, I'm just paranoid enough to think, that with the repeatedly uncovered and commented on bias in the news and polls, that that's the back-up plan--civil disorder, widespread and violent, to make the GOP look bad internationally and to destroy confidence in the electora process.